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Social Media Companies Are Censoring Feminists, JK Rowling Fans Now

The "right side of history" burns more witches

The failed cancellation of JK Rowling has gender identitarians doubling down on censorship in a desperate attempt to shut down public debate of their blinkered agenda.

Leveraging the immense corporate policy power that they have accumulated faster than any social movement in history, the gender lobby has clearly pushed social media company executives to drop their banhammers on all who resist the new orthodoxy.

That new wave of censorship is why the Gender Heretics website exists. The new forum page, which you can find by clicking the "Get Organized" tab above, is intended as a refugee camp for banished communities to find one another and regroup. has deplatformed Sarah Fillmore for no clear reason, in other words for being feminist. She is merely the latest writer to run afoul of the gender thoughtpolice who seem to control every major platform for new writers.

The exclusive story that Gender Heretics ran yesterday, an explosive article by a therapist who works with transgender sex criminals, was banned from Medium last week within five minutes of publication.

Such examples are clear efforts to stifle public debate of important topics. What relevant facts and experiences could a professional therapist with experience in treating transgender sex offenders possibly have to present that would result in such swift censorship? Only ones that contradict a certain powerful lobbying group that goes out of its way to put intact male rapists in women's prisons.

Reddit also took down their largest feminist forum, r/gendercritical, this week for no clear reason, in other words for feminist organizing.

A source within that community provided screenshots from their back end pages. Clearly, this ban came down because someone feared that this community was reaching critical mass. Indeed, trans activists openly bragged that this was their strategy.

But that was still not good enough for the rainbow commissariat. Examples still had to be made.

Reddit went a step further by banning a subreddit for JK Rowling fans who support her. You can click this link to see an archived version of that community's front page at the time it was taken down. I defy you to show me where the transphobia is.

This thread on a subreddit that tracks banned communities is also informative. There is no other purpose to this ban than to send a message that Rowling fans are not allowed on the website. Perhaps they will come use the new forum?

r/JoanneRowling banned from reclassified

Not to be outdone, Twitter took down Graham Linehan, who has found a workaround through  the Telegram mobile app. In order to do so, the company had to alter its rules retroactively, targeting keywords associated with child safeguarding.

Again, this was still not enough. Several accounts I followed have gone missing in recent days, while remaining users are noticing Twitter's thumb on the scale. Just as Rowling's "terfiest" tweets keep losing likes and retweets, people are having their follows scrubbed.

The strategy here is quite plain to see.

As we know from their own planning documents, gender identitarians have always strategized an end run around public debate as they set out to make drastic social and policy changes.

That objective has been achieved thus far through administrative policy capture and the familiar gaslighting phrase "this is not a debate." But as the true ambition and scope of the agenda starts to become clear, their strategy is shifting to plain old totalitarianism.

Silence the other side of the debate, and no one is left to speak for high school girls forced to compete at sports against boys, or children's lit authors being un-personed, or transwidows, etc.

It is only a matter of time before detransitioners become a target, too. The gender lobby is at war with us all. To them, we are one, single enemy. DEMANDS the immediate, unconditional reinstatement of every social media company's supposed commitment to the free speech principles that are basic to a democracy.

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