Democrats Will Not Protect Women’s Rights

They’re too busy giving those rights to men

At a time when Roe v Wade has never been so threatened, Virginia Democrats are handing the legislature back to Republicans without lifting a finger to protect reproductive rights. They have better things to do.

Some of them have vacation plans, you see, while others are centrists from purpler parts of a state where Democrats just got blindsided by an electoral freight train.

According to liberal organizers who talked to The New York Times, the sudden, unexpected loss of power in the state after the election in November has left the party adrift. Unsaid in the coverage, of course, is the role of gender identity gibberish in making that disaster happen.

After all, the Times has worked assiduously to minimize and ignore the truth about Loudon County and the convicted juvenile rapist that school board policy enabled to enter female restrooms. Even Fox News affiliates have censored their coverage to exclude the voices of Democratic base voters who have had enough of pronouns and rainbows.

A grassfire is spreading, and the Democratic Party is completely oblivious to it in their woke information bubble as the midterm election year begins.

We should start having more consistent poll data in January. For now, with Democrats married to a deeply unpopular agenda that has a demonstrated track record of reducing turnout, another activist Republican Congress in the second half of Biden’s term seems likely. State legislatures will flip red. Another wave of anti-abortion laws will inevitably follow.

Meanwhile, the Times tells us, the FDA has issued a new, “permanent” policy that abortion pills can go through the mail. Reproductive rights advocates have been lobbying for years to make this change, which is great, but really only as “permanent” as the regime in the White House at any given time.

You can be sure that forced birth activists are already leaning on Republicans to undo this regulatory decision. Republicans are quite content to turn these culture war wedge issues into complicating and limiting legislation of their own. Technology is never a perfect solution to any human rights struggle, this one least of all.

While a strategy to circumvent the clinic access limitations imposed by the Republican Party in state legislatures all across the country has merit, it will only be as successful as the success of the Democratic Party, for which reproductive freedom for women will always be a secondary issue.

Moreover, Republicans have no problem naming the problem they are trying to solve, namely: women.

I saw this coming. Women do not matter to the Democratic Party. Women are on their own, and any woman who organizes as a Democrat is under tremendous pressure to never name themselves as the kind of person who has an abortion.

Ask any Democratic candidate “what is a woman?” and in all probability they will speak in tongues trying to avoid non-circular, literal definitions. They are too terrified of men, and the new men’s rights movement, to utter simple realities. Abortion rights do not truly matter to any Democrat because women do not matter, at least not enough to speak sense.

Democrats only win when they seem like the reasonable alternative to a Republican. That will not happen next year. Instead, the liberal information bubble will rationalize men winning women’s trophies and awards, and rapists in women’s prisons, and flashers in women’s spas, out loud and unembarrassed.

I keep saying that Democrats will inevitably pay a high price for embracing gender identity nonsense. It remains to be seen just how much women will lose along with them.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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