This Is Why They Try To Silence Detransitioners

The lies of gender ideology are laid bare

No wonder the trans supremacists at Reddit keep trying to take control of the r/detrans community. This man has given voice to the reality of “sexual reassignment surgery.” Individuals and entire communities have been banned from social media platforms for “hate speech” simply because someone suggested that transition might not be best for everyone, or pointed out that human beings are mammals rather than clownfish. Here is the link to the original post.

Remember, if you empathize with this person’s plight at all, you too are a bigoted transphobe who needs to die in a fire. Only a terrible, no-good, very hateful person would ever say that something is wrong here, that gay men should be allowed to exist without being surgically altered.

Posted by u/NoemiePretzelDuchess

Suicidal. Post op mtf. Feeling regret.

I deal with feelings of regret that I can not shake off me. I try to ignore them and tell myself I did the right thing but deep down I don’t believe it. I have these feelings of regret that keep hunting me.

I had SRS in the summer of 2016. I still deal with problems more than 3 years later. Especially discharge from the neovagina. It bleeds so easily. I have to be very gentle when douching or I’m bleeding. I also have yeast infections all the time. My orgasms are weak and not pleasurable at all. I don’t like how my vulva looks. It looks like two giant flaps of flesh and lacks real labia minora.

I feel like Brassard fucked up my surgery. Even though he said it was one of his best results.

Whenever I try to have sex with a guy the guys always said that it felt too narrow and that it felt different than they were used to. Most guys seem to prefer to not have to penetrate my neovagina. In fact the last two I hooked up with thought it was too gay to penetrate my vagina. They only wanted a blowjob and they were not even interested in anal. They still treated me like a man.

Dating is very hard. Men above 30 only want to chat about my life and want to be a friend to listen to my struggles but they don’t want to take me out on dates etc.

I pass well and haven’t been misgendered in ages. I never get clocked. It’s just that they can’t get over the fact that I was born male and that my genetics are male.

I have given up on dating. I haven’t dilated in ages. I just rinse the neovagina with isobetadine and vinegar every other day. To avoid bacterial growth.

I found a box of photos from the other day where I was pre surgery and living full time and I looked happier there than now post surgery. I keep asking myself why I went through with this surgery and can’t give myself any good reasons. I feel like I was momentarily blinded by thinking this surgery was a good idea.

It was too demanding of my body. 3/4th of my vagina is obstructed by scar tissue. Even the smallest dilators cause me pain. It looks hideous to look at. I compared it to other neovaginas the other day and mine looked better but when I compared it to vaginas there was just no comparison. How it was stitched together, how it healed, it looks so out of place compared to a vagina.

It was the goal I had worked towards for so long and when it finally was over I think to myself looking back: was this the reward?

I can’t help but feel regret and grief that I put my body through this. That I couldn’t come to the conclusion that this was a very bad idea.

I thought it would be a couple months of recovery and then going forward with my life like a normal woman. Now I’m basically feeling like I’m a medical patient for life.

I feel stupid for not having realised on time that this was a bad idea. I felt blinded by promises. By sales talk from the surgeons.

The lack of follow up and the lack of taking responsibility of the surgeon and the surgical center GRS Montreal, also makes me livid.

The fact that I lost even the belief that you can make a woman out of a man. The belief that I held for so many years. It all feels like some slap in the face.

Before SRS I thought that SRS would be that last little mile. A ticket to a normal life as a woman. A normal dating life. After all didn’t people have genital preferences they could reject me for? Well, bummer because I still don’t fall within their genital preferences. Men who like vaginas feel grosses out by my neovagina when they know I’m trans. Their brains fail to see it as a vagina. I can’t fault them. My own logical thinking fails to see it as a vagina.

I couldn’t win either way.

I just wonder why I put so much money, energy and time in a Fata Morgana.

I have been living on calming meds the last couple of days. Without them my emotions are too overwhelming.

I can’t detransition because I’m past the point of no return. Testosterone wouldn’t have any effects on my body anymore after multiple years without it. I would likely fail to pass as a regular male after all the years on Estrogen. So what’s left? Living my lie and hoping it will all get better. I failed myself. I failed everyone around me. I deserve what happened to me for being so stupid.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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