The Trans Agenda Is Deeply Unpopular In Both Red And Blue States

It doesn’t even poll well in California

New survey data from Spry Strategies shows that the trans agenda for spaces, sports, and prisons is deeply unpopular in two very different states.

In a press release this weekend, the radical feminist Women’s Liberation Front revealed that the poll they commissioned shows the demands of transgender advocacy are not aligned with public opinion in deeply-red Idaho or ultra-blue California.

”The policies being pushed by gender extremists cut against the majority opinions of likely voters in both California, and Idaho,” WoLF board chair Natasha Chart said in a press release. “They should stop trying to win this debate by falsely describing themselves as representing the popular will.”

“Seventy-nine percent of likely voters in Idaho, and 74 percent of likely voters in California, agree with us that boys and men should not be allowed to identify their way into female-only sporting competitions.”

The poll specifically asked about Idaho’s HB 500, a law which enforces the clear language of federal law establishing sex-based sporting categories. The American Civil Liberties Union is working hard to overturn the law so that males can cheat at sports. As sixty-six percent of likely voters in Idaho approve of the legislation, don’t imagine that this fight is over yet, or that it will have no impact after January 2021, especially as the Covid crisis burns out and the sporting world tries to return to normal.

Because this was a poll of “likely voters,” Democrats should be wary of the results. They may write off Idaho, sure, but what if they are on the wrong side of history with their own best voters?

California likely voters were asked about AB 2218, which would establish a “Transgender Wellness Fund,” a taxpayer-subsidized fund to pay for sex change surgeries and hormones that cause sterilization for minors and adults. This bill, which now waits for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature, met with the disapproval of 63 percent of likely voters.

Sources tell Gender Heretics that Dr. Richard Pan, chair of the Senate Committee on Health, initially spiked the bill when confronted with the emerging evidence of harm at Tavistock as well as detransitioner demands for inclusion in the legislation. Some Democratic committee members have since revived the bill, however,  claiming that opposition was informed by “fearmongering.”

Meanwhile, detransitioner advocates have been subject to the usual smears and libel for daring to organize and speak about the harms wrought on their bodies and minds by gender ideology. As of this writing, AB 2218 is still being amended.

The effects of gender identity gaslighting may already be apparent in the data. A disappointing number of California voters are okay with putting men in women’s prisons, for example. Yet there is a clear majority against the practice.

In a world where the President of the United States is not making news all day, every day, Californians might just find out that Gov. Newsom is about to sign legislation doing just that, and perhaps even get upset about it.

“We’d suspected for a long time that our concerns about the effects of gender identity policies was fairly ordinary, but that there just wasn’t much organized opposition because it was so new,” Chart tells Gender Heretics.

She has been wanting to do polls for a long time. “Without data, that could only ever be a guess. According to this polling, our opinions are solidly mainstream. The public doesn’t support wrecking sports for women and girls by letting men and boys identify into it. The public doesn’t support sterilizing minors over gender identity claims.”

However, most people are still unaware of how far these campaigns have advanced. Cries of “we just want to pee” have faded away. The demands of a powerful gender lobby are far more threatening today. Chart continues:

Feminists who oppose these policies have been threatened with some very creative forms of violence, fired, as well as called “haters,” “Nazis,” and “white supremacists.” We’ve been fired, blacklisted, stalked, and assaulted, for refusing to believe that human beings can change sex. That majority of the public who may wonder what this new movement has in store for them should look at how we’ve been treated, how hated we are by gender extremists, and worry that it’s a preview of things to come. What the adult activists in this movement are telling kids swept up in the excitement of gender identity, is that anyone who disagrees with them, which turns out to be over 70 percent of their fellow citizens, are “Nazis” who hate and want to kill them. It’s a terrifying lie to tell children, and doesn’t bode well for the fate of the rest of us being slandered this way if this movement gets more power.

Of course, it’s not as if transgender activists don’t already know that their agenda lacks public support. Quite the contrary: that’s exactly why they have consistently worked behind the scenes, leveraging their successful takeover of the LGB freedom movement to lobby nongovernmental organizations as well as legislatures.

This deliberate strategy has enjoyed quite a lot of success: the Olympic committee already lets men win medals as women, male prisoners already rape female prisoners, and thousands of children are already being castrated and surgically altered all around the world without a real public debate or scientific evidence that it even works.

Because this is not a debate, natch.

When this all catches up with Democrats — and it will — there will be political hell to pay. Expect Republicans to weaponize this in the 2022 midterms, and don’t fool yourself that it will be ineffective as wedge issue.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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For now that is…


I just hope it stays this way or that people in charge finally see what kind of lunatics they fake-pray to.

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