Need A ‘Get Out Of Jail’ Card? Easy. Just Say You’re Trans!

Sexist stereotypes are the hot new criminal defense

In a disturbing trend that tracks well with the onset of the “rough sex” defenses for men who want to get away with murdering women, we have the phenomenon of men “identifying” their way out of serious charges and jail terms.

Just by taking estrogen and performing “femininity,” these men invoke sexist assumptions about criminal behavior and violence with an alarming rate of success.

In the latest example of the phenomenon, a 24 year-old Australian “woman” has been arrested for beating a dog and slitting its throat.

When Olivia Sindel appeared in court this weekend, his Legal Aid attorney claimed that ‘there are significant issues because of the gender reassignment treatment” — in other words, he blames the hormones.

“First thing she said to me was that she wanted me to kill her,” the lawyer declared.

Which is weird, because the gender activists are always harping on about how the trans people will all murder themselves if they don’t receive “treatment.” Now it causes suicidal behavior? Which story is right? Pick one and stick with it, guys!

And I do mean guys.

Sindel is hardly unique in the English-speaking world.

This summer, Anthony Scales of Derby, UK “identified” as female and blamed his alleged gender dysphoria for his collection of more than 1000 child rape images. He received a one-year suspended sentence.

In February, a judge in Brighton, UK sentenced 40 year-old Leila LeFay to six months for robbing a liquor store with a hammer, but changed his mind just an hour later in the name of “diversity.”

You see, LeFay has not finished “her” “gender transition” yet, and that means “she” would be especially vulnerable in a men’s prison, with other men.

In Canada, serial stalker and rapist Lucy Blackplume was sentenced to just four years because the judge did not want to put a transgender-identifying man in a men’s prison for life, calling it “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Lucky thing that Josiah Jerome Blackplume had already changed his name and “gender identity,” otherwise he would have been kept far away from any potential victims forever. At least now he has hope, right?

Haha, just kidding! The benefits of claiming transgender status carry on throughout the entire criminal justice process.

Consider Joseph Smith, the 23 year-old Iowa man who was freed from prison this January after serving just four years of his life sentence for raping at least fifteen children between the ages of one and 13.

After his conviction, Joseph became Josie and obtained a regimen of cross-sex hormones that reduced his sex drive, thus reducing the perceived chance he will re-offend. Officials are further reassured that Smith will “potentially undergo gender reassignment surgery” (emphasis mine).

One could be forgiven for thinking this will not end well, or that these declarations of “trans-ness” are far too convenient.

Indeed, gender transition seems to coincide with many of these arrests. Russell Beaumont of New Zealand attacked his estranged business partner with an ice axe last summer, becoming Rose Beaumont only after being arrested.

During sentencing, the judge expressed sympathy that Beaumont’s transgender turn was “not always” accepted in the community. Poor thing!

Beyond these incidents, there are the broader ongoing efforts of a powerful LGBTQAlphabet lobby to make transition into a ‘get out of jail free’ card. These are real, they do not serve social justice, and they are intimately connected with the creeping queer theory project of decriminalizing pedophilia.

But that is for another blog post.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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Evil Woman

And we also need to keep an eye on the whereabouts of monster criminal Steven Hayes, who was sentenced to death in CT for his role in raping and burning Jennifer Petit and her 2 daughters to death, an unspeakable tragedy documented in HBO’s excellent film THE CHESHIRE MURDERS:

Since then, CT has abolished the death penalty and Hayes came out as out as trans 2 years ago. What prison is he in now? Someone should go undercover, if necessary, to find out.

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