Chase Strangio Admits The ACLU Has Turned Against Women’s Rights

Salute the pastel rainbow flag and get back in the kitchen, ladies

Yesterday, I offered to give ACLU attorney and biological sex denier Chase Strangio $1 million to explain how babies are made. That post drew quite a response from Strangio. Indeed, I think this is a tweet for the ages.

Chase seems to be admitting that the new orthodoxy demolishes sex-based human rights, and that by extension, the American Civil Liberties Union is not fit for purpose, at least as far as defending women from oppression is concerned.

In the brave new world they are building, men get what they want and women get to be “men” if they want. Identify out of your oppression, ladies! It’s just a haircut and an unconvincing mustache out of your reach, now.

Consider just one example of where this kind of thinking leads. By ACLU policy, every American female athlete’s sex-based human right to fair sporting competition is being canceled. This is a work in progress.

Women and girls in contact sports must prepare themselves for collisions with heavier, stronger opponents, and thus increased injury rates, to say nothing of the medals and trophies and scholarships that will now go to the male athletes who like to perform “feminine” stereotypes.

Chase Strangio and the ACLU would rather ignore actual physical harm to women and girls than hurt the feelings of a boy who likes to wear lipstick.

If that sounds harsh, remember that Chase also says it is better for a trans person to die of preventable causes than explain their trans status to a doctor. One could therefore be forgiven for sensing sociopathy at work in this complaint that trans people are “excluded” from biological categories to which they do not belong just because some silly laws have been put in place to protect the people in those categories. It isn’t off-base.

Only someone who hates women, and/or hates being a woman so much that they hate women, could come up with this nonsense and say it with a straight face.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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Kes Sparhawk

That quotation says it all! I am very sad to say I’ve observed this to be true also: “Only someone who hates women, and/or hates being a woman so much that they hate women, could come up with this nonsense and say it with a straight face.” The saddest thing is that there was no reason whatever for the ideologues to take the path of denying reality. Every dysphoric trans woman I know is dysphoric because they are in a body which contradicts their sense of self. But now just saying dysphoria exists has also become “transphobic…”

Ali Bee

Oh Cheese Stringio
How you twist the truth we know that
Everyone is born with sex and
Gender’s simply not complex but
A way to make sure women’s lives
Are run by men
Their boots upon our necks
No one on earth can change their sex
Of birth
By changing clothes or taking pills
Or wishing ills on women born
Or wishing they were someone new
Pretending they’re not him but you
The ill’s in gender not our selves
These rules, so strict should all be shelved
When what we mean is personality
Stop following the cult mentality
That says kids should be castrated
When sex stereotypes and sex are now conflated

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