I Will Give Chase Strangio $1 Million To Explain How Babies Are Made

Today in “but no one is really denying biological sex exists”

Chase Strangio, the ACLU lawyer leading that organization’s amazing campaign to destroy sex-based human rights for 99 percent of humanity, consistently denies the existence of human sexual dimorphism.

Which is weird, as I have been told many times by many liberals that ‘no one is really denying the existence of biological sex.’ Weird how Chase keeps doing this thing that nobody does!

In the latest example, Strangio tweeted this yesterday in the wake of a federal appeals court ruling that Gavin Grimm should be allowed to use the restroom Grimm wants, no matter what the other kids might think or feel about it.

Grimm, you may recall, is the plaintiff in the ACLU’s effort to deny American school students any space that is free of the opposite sex for even a moment. Strangio rather exults in this mission, which seems to be a kind of bizarre crusade against reason.

What else can one say about someone who claims that biology is a recent concept invented solely to harass trans people?

Every single person alive today is a product of human sexual dimorphism. Everyone knows this. Even Strangio knows this. I am dying to hear Strangio describe the process of human reproduction without acknowledging biological sex in any way.

A few weeks ago, this blog issued a challenge: I will award ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anybody who can name a third human gamete, and thereby demolish the binary nature of human sex as it has been understood since the beginning of time, to the satisfaction of a scientific consensus.

So I now offer Chase Strangio an equivalent prize: ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

All Strangio has to do is explain the process by which a new human being is created without referencing the two human gametes, sperm and egg, or the mode of gestation by which a fetus is carried to term.

If Strangio prefers, I will pay this prize to the ACLU, earmarked for transgender activism, or to any charity that Strangio names as beneficiary.

There is only one condition: the response must be in the form of a body of literature, including multiple peer reviewed studies, demonstrating a broad consensus of the entire medical and scientific academic community in agreement that everything we know about the human system of reproduction is incorrect and therefore biological sex does not exist in our species. 

Note that if Strangio is able to prove the falsity of sexual dimorphism to the satisfaction of the genuine scientists who understand human biology, and Gender Heretics.org fails to pay the award, Strangio will have the right to sue for breach of contract and anticapatory repudiation, at a minimum.

Of course, Strangio is a lawyer and will already know this. However, I have no fear of ever being made to pay a million dollars to anyone for meeting this challenge, and not because I have a million bucks just lying around.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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[…] I offered to give ACLU attorney and biological sex denier Chase Strangio $1 million to explain how babies are made. That post drew quite a response from Strangio. Indeed, I think this is a tweet for the […]

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