Gender Bullets 4 August 2020

BREAKING: William Shatner reaches #peaktrans

For some reason, Captain Kirk doesn’t rate a Twitter pile-on when he draws boundaries with gender totalitarians. Almost as if he is a man who commands the respect of other men, somehow.

Every Wednesday, this newsletter presents a roundup of the best gender critical news and content we have found in the last week, including action items such as petitions and opportunities for public comment on pending legislation.

  • When did pediatric transition fall off a cliff in the UK? In the Sunday Times of London this week (article imaged here), former Tavistock head Marcus Evans points to a 2017 memorandum at the NHS which cemented “gender identity” as a protected characteristic, meaning that clinicians could no longer ask questions about homophobia in the family without being perversely accused of “conversion therapy.” Quote: “The politicization of this area has interfered with good clinical care.” Neither JK Rowling nor Graham Lineham could have said it better
  • A very British political shakeup: the Labour Party is reaching a crisis point with gender politics. Jo Bartosch talks to The Critic podcast about the consequences of the woke mob coming for MP Rosie Duffield for gender wrongthink last weekend and the tepid party support she has received
  • Policy capture: amateur league Basketball Nova Scotia has decided that men can just identify as women and play a full contact sport with the girls if they want to, presumably using the female showers and lockers, with no “transition” required whatsoever. Executive Director Katherine Brien allowed a “transgender inclusion” policy group to write the new rule. You can find contact information at their website announcement
  • What do you mean, “be kind”? As British transsexual Debbie Hayton keeps trying to say, an “activism” that consistently attacks women to silence them, impose on them, and destroy their sports and spaces is not actually helping dysphoric or gender-nonconforming people
  • Remember the article in American Journal of Psychiatry a few months ago that claimed there were mental health benefits to surgical transition? Turns out their interpretation of the results was complete garbage. Several scientists wrote letters to the publication and the authors have withdrawn the basis of their claim. The entire exchange is still behind a paywall, but someone helpfully passed along this image:

  • For Women Scotland is suing the Scottish government for redefining “woman” to include men
  • Dr. Em concludes her deep dive into the history of the feminist split over transgender inclusion in the early 1970s. As you might expect, there was a man involved, and he was not an ally by any stretch of the imagination
  • Graham Linehan interviews feminist philosopher Dr. Jane Claire Jones, one of the most important and effective voices calling out the pseudo-intellectual roots of gender ideology
  • “Yo, a man cannot become a woman any more than a man can become a bat. Fact!” If you have not listened to the new rap from “Francis Aaron,” you absolutely must
  • FINALLY: radical feminism has its own front page to the internet! is gender-critical, porn-free, and brought to you by the same women censored at Reddit for gender wrongspeak. You will need an invite code to join, so here is how to get one

Featured image via @jebrux. Back with more gender bullets next week!

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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