Someone At NCAA Helpfully Leaked A List Of Heroes to Outsports

Martina Navratilova among those we can thank for standing up

If you were wondering why more people don’t speak up for fairness to women and girls in sports, look no further than this clear effort to harass those who do.

Outsports, a website that champions letting boys and men cheat at sports no matter the harm to female athletes, has published the private list of signatories to a letter asking the NCAA Board of Governors to protect their Title IX rights.

The letter was organized by Save Women’s sports, a group that works to maintain sex-based sporting protections for women and girls. Outsports calls them an “anti-trans” group.

Outsports decries the call to retain a “fair and level playing field” for women and girls as “coded language which means the group opposes trans women being allowed to compete with women who are cisgender.”

Such gobbledygook is necessary to divert attention from the reality that male bodies do not belong in female sports, however they ‘identify.’

Beyond fairness, it is simply not safe for females to compete at contacts sports against male bodies. Performative sexist stereotypes do not transform human flesh.

As exemplified by their publication of a private letter, Outsports cares nothing about the fair treatment or safety of anyone female. All such concerns are nonexistent compared to the tender feelings of boys and men who claim to have a female personality inside their male bodies.

Of course, the attempted harassment immediately backfired as signatories chimed in to affirm their views — and point out that this sort of thing is exactly why so many women fear to speak up.

The letter asks the NCAA not to give into “bullying tactics” that are “antithetical to the NCAA values of respect, fairness, and civility” by moving its scheduled competitions to another state. The letter also argues that the NCAA would “send a chilling message” to female athletes across the country “about the NCAA’s commitment to the integrity of women’s sports” if they were to succumb to activist calls to boycott Idaho.

Outsports has done a disservice to their cause by rushing to press. Now we know that there are hundreds of prominent women brave enough to defend their Title IX rights — and that someone at the NCAA hates women so much they would share a private list of names with Outsports.

Save Womens’ Sports were smart to organize the letter this way. As the radical kids would say, it really highlights the contradictions here.

After all, if being pro-women and girls is “anti-trans,” then that says a lot about what “trans inclusion” really means, doesn’t it? We are a very long road farther down from just wanting to pee.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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Thank you, Matt, for your coverage of this important issue! Women and girls deserve fairness, not gaslighting!

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