Gender Critical Reddit Has Gotten Ovarit And So Have We

Here is the secret to getting your account

Billing itself as a champion of free speech by hosting violent pornography, Reddit has also managed to reduce itself through censorship today.

Ovarit, the new website for former residents of r/GenderCritical, is coming online just weeks after they were banned for wrongthink.

To create an Ovarit account, you only need an email address and an invite code. You can get a code by sending a direct message to them on Twitter or Spinster, which is emerging as the equivalent of Ovarit for that social media platform: a place where people go to escape ideological censorship.

Then go to and create your new account.

That’s it! You will have escaped the oppression of women, detransitioners, and truthtellers by a woke mob of men’s rights activists.


Unlike Reddit, a Conde Nast property, Ovarit is a grassroots community that values equality of women and girls, safeguarding of children, and freedom of conscience — the very values that gender gendarmes called “hate speech” when they prevailed on Reddit to ban r/GenderCritical.

But they were too late. By that point, tens of thousands of people had already formed a critical mass that will not be silenced and will never submit.

Reddit can remain a Mecca for fapping, abusive men if they want. The rest of us are leaving. We have gotten Ovarit.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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