JK Rowling, Graham Linehan Are Right About Mermaids. Their Critics Are Wrong

Future cries of ‘how could we have known?’ will not be credible

The BBC has distanced itself from the most famous charity for “trans kids” after a rash of viewer complaints related to its leadership and its mission.

“A decision to look at the gender identity information line was taken following audience complaints about the action line,” the company told its employees in an email reported by Graham Linehan.

“This was against a backdrop of increasingly contested issues relating to trans issues and children. It is a complex area and the BBC needs to remain impartial when signposting audiences to organisations that can offer appropriate advice.”

Translation: BBC executives have finally noticed that Mermaids CEO Susie Green harmed her own child, and that her organization is pushing quack medicine that harms children.

“Protect trans kids” has become an unimpeachable mantra. As a result, a drastic and experimental therapy created for adult men has been extended to ever-younger children on an ever-wider basis with almost no real public debate, becoming a third rail in gender politics.

For example, when JK Rowling voiced concerns that children are being harmed by gender ideology, Emma Watson, the actress who played her best-known female character, responded by publicly backing Mermaids.

But Susie Green’s own “creation story” is terrific evidence that Rowling was right and her critics were wrong.

When Green told the story of her child’s transition in a 2017 TED talk, it was clear that she had been the primary force behind it, and that she was adapting to sexist stereotypes and homophobia rather than overcoming them.

Today, Mermaids campaigns for children to begin the medical transition process at age 12, well before their brains have developed enough to understand the consequences.

In their “educational” materials, Mermaids teaches school children that they can calculate their special and unique “gender identity” on a scale of Barbie to GI Joe, that sex is a spectrum, and that it is okay to keep secrets from your parents.

Materials like this are clearly intended to lead children to confusion rather than clarity

Mermaids’s advice to schools and organizations is a safeguarding nightmare. If a girl is uncomfortable with boys in spaces meant for girls, she is wrong and supposed to feel bad — the perfect advice to groom a whole generation of victims.

Whenever pressed for evidence of their claims, the organization always resorts to demonstrable falsehoods and pseudoscience.

By flying her son to the United States for an early puberty blockade, Green also circumvented the “best practices” at the Tavistock clinic in the United Kingdom, which is now under scrutiny for similar fast-tracking of gay and lesbian children onto a medical pathway that leads to sterilized, de-sexed adults.

BBC’s own reporting on Newsnight recently found that Tavistock clinicians have been aware of homophobic parents “transing” their gay and lesbian children for some time.  Worse, ideologues on the clinic staff have allegedly covered it up.

The former head of the clinic has resigned, warning that “political agendas have influenced this area of clinical practice.

In a case that promises to force serious changes to the “affirmation” model at Tavistock, a former patient is now suing the clinic.

This scandal reaches into the very media organs that act as ideological enforcers for trans politics.

Pink News owner Benjamin Cohen is married to Dr. Anthony James, a former trustee of Mermaids. No wonder Cohen’s website has consistently smeared anyone who challenges the wisdom of pediatric transition.

Soon, the whole world will be forced to confront the very inconvenient facts about Mermaids, Susie Green, Tavistock, and the tyranny of adults who use children as human shields for their agendas.

One day, many critics of JK Rowling and Graham Linehan will say they did not know the truth, but they will be liars.

They were told — and chose to strike out at the truth-tellers instead of protecting children from harm.

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