Netflix Lets A Woke Misogynist Use Their Twitter Account

To celebrate a ‘trans kid’ character endangered by an ‘ally’

Netflix gave its corporate Twitter account to a trans-identified male on Thursday so they could celebrate a “trans kid” character being put in danger at the emergency room.

Using their own Twitter account, “Rose Dommu,” a thirtysomething male with a screen name taken from pornography, has tweeted threats at JK Rowling, posted rape imagery and misogyny, and made graphic sexual remarks about children while under contract as a writer for the streaming service.

Rose was celebrating an episode of the rebooted show The Baby-Sitters Club in which a girl named Mary Anne is asked to watch over Bailey, a young boy who likes tea parties and the color pink.

Such preferences obviously mean that Bailey was born in the wrong body and needs to be “fixed” before he grows up to be a gay boy. The horror!

Overjoyed at this display of sheer sexist heteronormativity, Rose goes on to praise the scene in which Mary Anne rushes her charge to the hospital, then lectures the staff for “misgendering” Bailey. Because nothing says “protect trans kids” quite like ignoring their biology while you administer medical care.

Never mind that receiving the wrong drug or dosage can kill you — it’s far more important to validate feelings than communicate clearly with patients.Β For example, if Bailey contracted Covid-19, a disease that affects male and female bodies differently because of their chromosomes, using a treatment plan meant for a female on Bailey would be medical malpractice.

To Rose Dommu, however, dead children are an acceptable price for preventing the ego-death of adults. (You can read the entire thread here.)

All of this was bad enough, but then gender critical Twitter discovered the tweets and checked out their author, discovering all the usual signs of pornsick autogynephilia and male pattern violence in drag, including sexualized remarks about children.

This is just a sample. You can see much more here and here.

It is not clear whether Netflix was aware of Rose’s Twitter history before allowing their columnist to comment on a “family-friendly” show through the company’s verified account, or simply did not care because the woke points were more important.

Netflix is partly owned by an investment firm that also holds a large stake in the manufacturer of puberty blocker Lupron, so we can see where the incentives are, and imagine how such programming happens.

Of course, no one is suggesting that Rose Dommu should be canceled and lose zer contract at Netflix. No doubt Rose’s sexualized humor is exactly the kind of marketing copy they want for other shows. Nor is anyone saying that The Baby-Sitters Club should be canceled for this.

However, some gender critical people are canceling their Netflix subscriptions, and they are making sure the company knows exactly why. Knowing what I have come to know, I really cannot blame them.

Pediatric transition is a gathering medical scandal. So far, major media companies have largely ignored the mounting evidence that transition serves as a new form of conversion therapy for gay and lesbian kids. News and entertainment outlets have been able to pretend that puberty blockers are safe and detransition is incredibly rare.

Even as Jazz Jennings enacts every criticism of the practice in living color on cable television, this debate remains stymied by loud, angry adults who need “trans kids” to validate their fetish as a protected characteristic.

But those days are fast drawing to a close. Former clinicians and detransitioners are speaking out, while the number of people reaching “peak trans” increases every day because trans-identified men like Rose Dommu are all too visible.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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