A Gay Man, A Detrans Lesbian, And A TV Writer Walk Into A Bar

‘The Mess We’re In’ podcast is the punchline

It’s not a joke: Graham Linehan, gay YouTuber Arty Morty, and detransitioner Benji aka “GNC centric” have a new podcast series, and all of them have plenty to say about the feminized fascism of the pronoun police.

In today’s episode, they discuss social media censorship, female erasure, the unrecognized dangers of female transition, the self-protective deafness of parents who castrate and mutilate their LGB and gender nonconforming children, the grooming habits of pedophiles, and more.

You can watch all of their episodes and subscribe to Linehan’s YouTube channel here.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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