‘This Is What Happens When Trans Activists Politicize A Mental Illness’

The agony of the self-aware transsexual

“We’re in 2020, and the medical and psychiatric community’s response to a psychiatric condition, which is gender identity disorder, is to hack up our penises and invert them into neovaginas, to castrate us, and to sterilize us … to cut our faces up.”

Forty one year-old Canadian transsexual Sara M. Brereton stopped chasing the transition dragon eight years ago and started “mitigating” the changes that doctors had already wrought.

“I have so many friends that can’t feel their jaws,” Brereton says in one of a series of YouTube videos made  earlier this year. “I have a friend that’s had four nose jobs.”

“This is what happens when trans activists politicize a mental illness — a psychiatric condition.”

Now far more grounded than when he began transitoning, Brereton is fearless in voicing opinions that would result in celebrity cancellation, academic dismissal, or deplatforming by an angry mob.

“Gender identity disorder … has nothing to do with objective reality, with my physical, biologically male, body,” Brereton explains.

“And yet all of the treatment — all of it! — has to do with altering the physical body and altering the social gender role. It has nothing to do with helping to mitigate what appears to be an identity disorder.”

Brereton now rejects the easy ‘affirmation’ that physicians offered sixteen years ago at the beginning of the transition process. “They go ‘Oh, yes you are a female, Sara! Now let’s sterilize you.”

To really appreciate how much of a heretic Sara Brereton is, you have to watch all of her videos.

“People like me have been edged out. I’m called a TERF on a regular basis,” Brereton says of the so-called ‘trans community.’

Brereton speaks of increasing alienation from that “echo chamber.”

After attending a controversial feminist gathering at the Seattle Public Library, for example, Brereton recognizes the trans-identified men who shoved a much smaller woman on the sidewalk outside and disavows any part in a movement which excuses grown men assaulting women.

“These morons are speaking for us! I didn’t give them permission to speak for me.”

Such ‘activism’ does not help people like Sara Brereton. If anything, it actively hurts them by preventing doctors and therapists from finding more effective treatments.

“Politicizing [gender dysphoria] the way that they have, making a circus out of it, is detrimental to the well-being of transsexuals, including the individuals who are engaged in this type of nonsense.”

Without question, Brereton suffers from genuine dysphoria. However, transition did not relieve the agony of disconnection from one’s own body. “It didn’t feel as genuine as I thought that it would feel.”

Instead, transition “distorted my perception of objective reality … it aided me in creating a facade of a person.”

The human body is constantly fighting the changes wrought upon it with hormones and surgery, struggling back towards homeostasis.

In the end, therapy has proven far more effective in helping Sara Brereton to cope. In fact, a series of reversals has helped to clarify what the real problems are, although Brereton does not call it a full detransition.

For example, Brereton buzzed off the long hair that had propped up a female identity. “I wanted to see what attachments I had to having long hair with regards to my sense of ‘femaleness,'” Brereton explains.

This introspection has led to profound changes in Brereton’s point of view. He is deeply critical of the current state of treatments for gender dysphoria. “The medical, and psychiatric community is unethical in their treatment of people like me. It must stop.”

Transition is not simply a new kind of conversion therapy, “it is worse than religious conversion therapy” because even the worst faith-based programs “don’t castrate people and sterilize them.”

“Treatment-wise,” pray-the-gay-away is “more ethical than what they’re doing now” — especially to children.

“The gay and lesbian community really have been somewhat silent on this issue,” Brereton says. “I think a lot of them haven’t considered the fact that many of these children are likely gay and lesbian and a number of them are likely” just gender nonconforming.

Why is this happening? “There’s a lot of money in transitioning people,” Brereton explains. “Some trans women spend as much as $10,000 getting hair removed just from their face. Sex reassignment surgery? Twenty grand, 30 grand.”

“That’s a lot of money to be made off of convincing us that something’s wrong with our biological bodies. There’s nothing wrong with the nature of our bodies.”

Brereton is immune to emotional blackmail with false statistics about suicide. “I have friends who’ve committed suicide, most of them post-transition” — an observation that matches what we know from the best long-term studies of transition and suicide risk.

A married father of four and grandfather of one, Brereton has little sympathy for transgender people complaining that no one will date them.

“Transsexuals seem to think that they are entitled to people being attracted to them,” but “I would never date another transsexual, just because I’m attracted to biological females and transsexual females are biologically male,” Brereton says.

“When I see two transsexual females get together, it is just a train wreck” because both of them have so many other issues going on.

And anyway, Brereton asks, what does it even mean to “identify” as female? Better to be grounded in objective reality.

“Am I saying that transsexual females can never be real women? I am kind of saying that,” Brereton admits. “And I am also saying that there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Watch all of Sara Brereton’s videos here.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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“These morons are speaking for us! I didn’t give them permission to speak for me.” Way to tell it like it is! Love this person! Looking forward to watching all the vids!

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