Pink News’s Own Poll Shows Their Agenda Is Deeply Unpopular In UK

Respondents do not agree that women can have penises

Pink News is furiously spinning the results of their YouGov poll today which show that changes to the gender recognition law demanded by transgender lobbyists are deeply unpopular with the British public.

When people are asked whether someone should be able to self-identify as the opposite sex without sex reassignment surgery, support for their “validation” collapses.

That’s significant because most of the English-speaking world remains unaware that around 90 percent of “trans women” keep their penises despite demanding access to women’s spaces, shelters, and sports.

Thanks to media hype and deliberate obfuscation, most people still imagine that every trans-identifying male has surgery to alter their genitals. In fact, trans activists use the term “transmedicalism” to denounce any requirement for surgery, or even hormones, before someone can “identify” as the opposite sex.

YouGov and Pink News have clearly made an effort to present their results in the best possible light by focusing their coverage on the questions in which a “ladypenis” was not mentioned. No doubt their future polls will quietly omit this variable from their results to avoid such embarrassments.

For example, YouGov tweeted that “Women believe (by 46% to 28%) that trans women using female-only spaces presents no genuine risk of harm.”

Read a little way down the page explaining their results, however, and you find that “By 41-46% to 26-30% people oppose those who have not physically transitioned being able to use their new gender’s changing rooms.”

“Likewise, 39-41% oppose them being able to use their new gender’s toilets, compared to 31-32% who are in support.”

Even putting the best face on it, this poll shows that a substantial majority of Britons oppose changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would make it easier for someone to change their sex on legal documents.

“Following a brief explanation of what the current requirements are for someone to legally change their gender … by 47% to 28% Britons tended to think that this process should not be made easier,” YouGov explains.

Worst of all, that holds true even with the most trans-supportive segments of British society.

“While they are pro-transgender rights on most of the other topics, on this subject Lib Dem and Remain voters, women and 25-49 year olds tend to oppose making the legal process easier,” YouGov admits.

Only one in six people polled would allow legal sex change without a doctor’s approval and two years of transition time.

Just one in five respondents agreed that any “trans woman” should be allowed to compete at female sports.

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