Gender Bullets 11 July 2020

A roundup of the best gender critical news and content we have found in the last three days.

  • Vexatious human rights claimant and creepy pedophile Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathan Yaniv, was arrested by local police in British Columbia on Thursday for assaulting Rebel Media reporter Keann Bexte in January

  • A lame attempt to silence Julie Bindel for gender wrongthink in a Telegraph op-ed this March has ended in complete vindication from the Independent Press Standards Organization
  • If the “trans man” role that Halle Berry was forced to turn down this week after outrage from trans activists turns out to be black butch lesbian Stormé DeLarverie, I will personally lead the crowd with torches and pitchforks as they burn down Hollywood
  • Feminist writer Beatrix Campbell is leaving the Green Party and letting the misogynists have it
  • Is the BBC watching their own news shows about Tavistock? All the controversial LGBT charities have disappeared from their “transgender support page” and of course Pink News is very worried about backsliding
  • Reddit briefly took down r/detrans for several hours yesterday alleging “hate speech,” restoring the world’s largest detransitioner forum only after being called out for clear-cut censorship. Site admins have made lame excuses about a “mistake” but users have gotten the message that they are under the gun and have no reason to trust the admins. “I do not see how banning a sub named ‘detrans’ could be a mistake,” one user says. “We’re on a list. Unvoicing detransitioners is increasingly seen as necessary to ‘trans rights.’ They just moved prematurely.” This is entirely correct and I would advise the community to migrate to their own server as soon as possible
  • Turns out there is a whole clique of woman-hating men who spend all day taking down, and then taking over, feminist subreddits for fun, and the website knows, but does nothing about them. One of these individuals attempted to grab r/detrans while it was down. Reddit really, really does hate women, and there is no reason why any woman should ever use the website again
  • ICYMI: John Cleese has come out as gender critical and a Philadelphia feminist was assaulted for gender wrongthink
  • Did you need a pseudoscientific test to validate all your sexist stereotypes? Well, your wait is over! This “gender role test” by something called Individual Differences Research will help you sort out how “masculine” or “feminine” you are, or rather were in the 1950s

Back with more gender bullets on Wednesday!

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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