Now ‘The Right Side Of History’ Is Beating Up Black Women

Uppity feminist opinions had to be punished

A  dispute that has brewed for weeks on Twitter spilled over into actual violence yesterday as a radical feminist was menaced and assaulted for her criticism of misogynistic statements by trans activists.

Alicia Strada (real name withheld by request), a Philadelphia resident, says the problem began weeks ago.

“Black trans women were claiming cis Black women were jealous of them and they were the blueprint for womanhood and femininity,” she explains in an exclusive interview.

Alicia says that Emanuel “Manny” Pabon, who tweets as @MannyLeveau, tried to initiate a brawl with her over the dispute, saying “all you do is make tweets sprinkled with transphobia.”

When she declined a physical battle with the much larger male before her, his black female allies assaulted Alicia on his behalf.

(As always, the first task of the oppressor is to make the oppressed into the tools of their own oppression. Under zer nonbinary eye!)

During the attack by Demi Hart, Shani Billings, and Dyandra Harrison, Alicia received serious blows to the face and her nostril ring was ripped out.

In other photos shared with Gender Heretics, Alicia’s left eye is almost swollen shut from the blows.

It was only thanks to the intervention of other people that she was spared further harm.

While telling the world of her experience on Twitter, Alicia — who took her pseudonym from a character in the film A Miami Tale, a modern adaption of the feminist classic Lysistrata — included the tweets that her assailants found so offensive.

All of their Twitter accounts have been locked or deleted.

Alicia is new to radical feminism, but her experience points to a growing friction in Black social justice activism.

On one side are men who use gender identity to be the “most oppressed person in the room” as a license for misogyny, and their female enablers, a normal feature of patriarchy.

On the other side are black feminists who have had quite enough nonsense, please, and see right through all this gaslighting about “cisprivilege” that has somehow never actually benefited Black women at all.

Common trans activist talking points invoking race had been particularly irritating for Alicia. She points to this thread in particular, which compares black women to men, as an example of what soured her on trans activism and sent her down the gender critical path.

“Dark skinned Black women were especially the target when these discussions were being had about cis Black women being the reason trans women experience transphobia and are murdered. They degraded Black women to uplift themselves,” she says, “and that was personal for me.”

“I started seeing this behavior from trans women and backed away more and more because none of the trans people I followed or their allies were speaking out about it,” Alicia says.

Instead, “they were enabling the behavior and agreeing.”

True to form, ‘the right side of history’ was also in Alicia’s Twitter replies yesterday trying to blame her for being assaulted.

Alicia says she is unsure whether to press charges. She would like to keep her loved ones out of harm’s way, and in Donald Trump’s America, calling the police on other people of color might only make things far worse.

Transgender activists often claim that feminists make them “unsafe” with their words, justifying their own righteous cancellation, misogyny, death threats, and even assaults.

By contrast, exactly zero radical feminists have ever been charged with the physical assault of any trans person, anywhere, ever.

This post has been edited to clarify Shani Billings’s name.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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Steven Gibbons

I saw this story yesterday and I find it weird and troubling that a the way to deal with a disagreement is to beat someone up.
The discourse on rights also seems to have lost track of diversity and how it is supposed to be an arbiter in such circumstances.
If someone transitions, can they not be trans male or trans female, and celebrate and support what makes them this, providing support and confidence to others, rather than imposing their experience as more authentic and important.

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