Gender Bullets 8 June 2020

Every Wednesday, this newsletter presents a roundup of the best gender critical news and content we have found in the last week, including action items such as petitions and opportunities for public comment on pending legislation.

  • Author JK Rowling is one of more than 150 writers who has signed an open letter warning about the rise of “cancel culture” and specifically mentioning gender issues. Predictably, the gender gendarmes are screaming mad about it and already pressuring people into un-signing a defense of free speech that would have been completely uncontroversial a decade ago
  • Jennifer Bilek reviews the career of transhumanist Martine Rothblatt, a key figure in the rise of transgender ideology whose obsession with clinical immortality crosses the uncanny valley into an actual religious practice
  • The gender lobby is using the Covid-19 crisis as cover for a policy capture defining non-affirmation treatment of gender dysphoria as “conversion therapy” without any public debate
  • Bad ideas can’t win on their own merits: New Zealand has stalled on “self-ID” legislation and the usual suspects are mad as hell about it
  • Another subreddit has been purged of wrongthink. Reddit’s hate speech commissars swooped in this week to remove the mods and impose pronoun policing on the r/pcos and r/pregnancy communities, which had insisted on calling themselves “women” because that is the one type of human biology capable of ever experiencing PCOS or pregnancy. Meanwhile, hardcore pornography and misogyny are welcome on the site because “free speech,” natch

  • Donovan Cleckley reads the children’s book “My Body is Me!” by Rachel Rooney and sees the accusations of transphobia for what they really are. The book is inexpensive and available from Transgender Trend at this link. I cannot recommend it highly enough for the potential “trans child” in your life
  • Dame Jacqueline Wilson becomes the latest beloved children’s author to earn cancellation by admitting that pediatric sex change makes her “very, very worried”
  • A woman whose entire career has been devoted to liberating women from the patriarchal oppression of Islam is calling out the oppression of women. In an op-ed. Ayaan Hirsi Ali decries the “increasingly militant, not to mention increasingly intolerant, transgender movement” silencing women
  • The United States Supreme Court has undercut women’s access to birth control. Somehow, the Constitution lets employers butt in on their employees’ reproductive health care. Because about 90 percent of “trans women” keep their penis, however, such “women” remain unaffected by this ruling, as Viagra will still be covered to keep their ladydicks in good working order. Thus endeth today’s lesson in how “intersectional feminism” has become a men’s rights movement in drag

Back with more gender bullets next week!

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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