No Longer Silent, UK Gender Clinic Whistleblower Launches Lawsuit

Wokestream media ignores child safeguarding scandal

Sonia Appleby, a therapist specializing in child care who says that the UK’s Tavistock clinic withheld staff concerns about pediatric transition cases from her, is pursuing litigation against her former employer for defamation.

“There was an unwritten but mandated directive from the Tavistock management that safeguarding concerns should not be brought to my attention despite being the Trust Safeguarding Children Lead,” Appleby says in her Crowd Justice fundraiser, which you can support at this link.

Furthermore, “clinicians were discouraged from reporting safeguarding concerns to me,” contradicting normal professional ethics.

“This is not an ‘anti-trans’ case, Appleby says. “I am supportive of the transgender community and their right to seek services that are both supportive and safe.”

At the time of publication, she had raised £3,560 of her £10,000 goal. It remains to be seen whether Appleby’s moderate tone is any protection from the inevitable efforts to shut down “transphobia.”

Crowd Justice recently cancelled a similar legal fundraiser for Allison Bailey of the LGB Alliance after the gender gendarmerie called her discrimination claim against Stonewall UK “transphobia.”

Appleby’s concerns were aired in a recent presentation by BBC Newsnight that has received some attention from major newspapers in that country.

Otherwise, however, the matter has escaped comment from LGTQIAlphabet organizations such as Stonewall.

Which is weird, because Appleby and other whistleblowers have been trying to raise a ruckus about “gender reassignment” being used as gay and lesbian conversion therapy.

It isn’t just places like Iran, where effeminate gay men have the choice of transition or death, that such pressures exist for LGB people.

Right in the heart of the United Kingdom, abusive, homophobic parents push their gay and lesbian children into the Tavistock clinic pre-drilled with the correct answers to become “straight” trans kids.

That’s not hyperbole from me, it’s what many clinicians who have left Tavistock in recent years tell the BBC is going on.

You would think groups like Stonewall would get upset that gay and lesbian and gender nonconforming children are being steered onto a path of permanent medicalization and surgical interventions that effectively renders them sexless.

A decade ago, such a story would have raised concerns. But not anymore.

In just the last few years, a drastic and experimental form of “affirmation” created for adult men has been extended to ever-younger children on an ever-wider basis with almost no real public debate.

Simply raising concerns about this topic, as in recent tweets and statements by author JK Rowling, is wrongthink punishable by cancellation.

For Graham Linehan, it meant a permanent suspension.

Perhaps this is really not surprising in a world where children’s lives are less important than the right to own a personal arsenal for militia cosplay.

Just look at Jazz Jennings.

Parents can push a gay boy onto early puberty blockade, resulting in a micropenis, resulting in experimental surgery to construct a neovagina, all without relieving the mental health issues that this irreversible regimen was supposedly going to resolve, and the whole world will watch the train wreck without even blinking.

Despair is not praxis, however. What’s needed now is confrontation. As I have suggested elsewhere, it is time for the people harmed by childhood transition to start confronting the organizations that enabled this travesty and did not protect them.

If it seems like they don’t hear you, just raise hell a little louder for them.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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