Gender Bullets – Independence Day Edition

Declare your independence from “gender!”

  • Happy Independence Day, America! And happy independence for one anonymous detransitioner who has escaped the pressures of “affirmation” at last. Go read his illuminating story at r/GenderCriticalGuys before Reddit purges another community for wrongspeak

Between that and this societal shift towards pretending trans women are exactly the same as biological women, female superiority, trans superiority, and frankly very real cis-hate out there, I was effectively being groomed from a mild kink for liking womens underwear into fully transitioning into life as a woman.

  • Miss Joanne is all out of fucks to give now and practically daring Twitter to do their worst:

  • A UK man who damaged a police car and kicked three officers during his arrest is blaming the “DIY hormone replacement” pills that he used to appear female for his male violence
  • Today in double standards: Damian Barr, the author who led a successful campaign to remove Baroness Nicholson from an honorary board position at the literary prize founded by her late husband over her alleged homophobia (but really for her brave stand against transing kids), has apologized and received gentle treatment from the BBC for his own past transphobic tweets. In the process, he has managed to blame everyone else for his own words
  • Please take a moment to check out this artist Peer Jongeling, her detransition story is told in four pages of pure brilliance:

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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