Heretics burning

A Call to Arms in the Time of Witch-Burning

Organize to resist

Just a couple of weeks ago, many gender critical voices spoke of a sense that the tide was turning.

JK Rowling remained un-cancelled, the BBC had taken notice of the horrific things going on at Tavistock, local councils were rolling back genderbread policy guides in the UK, Australia had taken notice that almost half of their “trans kids” were actually autistic, and so on.

It was not an illusion. These things happened. Not only did they happen, they terrified the gender gendarmerie so deeply that they called on Big Tech to silence their critics before we could get organized.

Twitter changed their rules to eliminate Graham Linehan for gender wrongthink, one of dozens of Twitter accounts I had followed that have disappeared in recent days.

Reddit shut down r/gendercritical, the largest feminist forum on the website.

Medium took down an explosive essay from a prison therapist who works with transgender inmates just minutes after it was published.

The elderly Baroness Nicholson was stripped of her honorary role at a literary prize foundation that her husband created.

Mind you, this is all just in the last few days. As old soldiers like to say: once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

Have no doubt that this little wave of censorship is enemy action.

It is the gender lobby leaning hard on the corporate culture they have created.

It is meant to be a disabling, demoralizing attack on us to prevent our advocacy from having an impact.

It will fail.

It will fail because I, for one, would rather die than say “trans women are women.” I would rather burn at the stake than say castration and mutilation of children is a proper treatment for liking the wrong clothes or toys or games. I would rather die than be silent while men take over women’s sports and colonize their spaces.

If you want to stop me from organizing to resist this blinkered ideology, you will simply have to kill me.

Most of you on this list are unfamiliar with me personally, so allow me to elaborate: during a decade in progressive organizing, I have always been a honey badger. The deafening screech of the pronoun police means nothing to me, for I have seen what makes them cheer.

And while I have left the left, I have not forgotten how effective radical organizing is.

This is the moment when we begin to coalesce as an organizing force, a necessary reaction to the imposition of all forms of gender totalitarianism. The emphasis here is on the word organizing.

Why does the gender lobby win? Because they are organized.

Here is a point that I have made countless times to idealistic young wokesters: the billionaires win policy battles not because they are rich, but because they are organized.

Occupy evaporated once the encampments were closed, leaving no permanent traces, because they were not organized.

Tea parties and Brexiteers have succeeded not because they were racists, but because they were organized.

Organized action is the single most effective way to achieve any kind of change, good or bad.

Much of this organizing work must take place underground. Just as I have left Substack to put my content on a server that I control, the former community at Reddit must create their own environment, under their own control. Graham Linehan has already lead the way by using the Telegram app to circumvent his Twitter ban. This is an opportunity for clever people out there to invent whole new ways of getting together.

There must also be political organizing. I already see it happening in the UK, and early signs of it here in the United States, especially around the issue of women’s sports. Detransitioners are also proving to be a force as well, and I expect by 2021 we will see more of the direct action pioneered by Posie Parker. Where once she was derided by people who still thought we could win by playing nice, we are now clear-eyed about the wages of niceness.

It is time to confront Jack Dorsey in person for his company’s misogyny and censorship — not as individuals, but as a mass.

It is time to confront Democrats with demands, not sweet requests, to protect sex-based sports categories in Title IX and include detransition in their health care bills — which will require showing up at statehouses and the halls of Congress.

It is time to resist pronouns and gender as a matter of conscience. This involves a thousand small acts of resistance that deserve discussion.

It is time to center transwidows and pull the wigs off the narcissistic men who abused them.

This newsletter is dedicated to the fight. The only conditions under which I will give this newsletter up are victory or death.

Until then, there is only The War.

About the author

Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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H St

Absolutely. There is a quiet army ready to fight with you. Everywhere around us we see other groups given the respect & value they demand. It should be no different for those who bring every human to life. We must demand our immense contributions & value be recognized, celebrated & compensated. Just like every other group.


I’m not playing nice anymore. So tired of the twisted “ideology” of these narcisstic mysognists

Habes Nicht

Yes. I gave little thought to the trans agenda until I witnessed the coordinated effort on their part to ban women who disagree with them off the net. Reddit peaked me. I won’t ever see them the same again. I’ll definitely think twice about voting for candidates that push the trans ideology in the US elections.

Louise Burnside

Thank you for being here. Yes we will organize, we must. This has to be a grassroots effort. We all must make an effort to recruit and inform others. We live in democracies. Let our elected officials know that this is important to us. The health and well-being of our children is at stake. Much is at stake in this attempted takeover by a men’s rights movement. Many believe it is a men’s sexual rights movement.


You are right, let’s get organized.

And let’s look out for each other too. Including women and girls who we don’t know, keep each other safe in women’s spaces.

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