NY Democrats Elect a Man to a Leadership Office Set Aside for Women

Male supremacy is back, and ‘she’ looks fabulous

When Emilia Decaudin succeeded in ending the sex parity rule in the New York Democratic Leadership Council last year, he looked like that.

All stunning and brave and poking his intact junk out in a dress. Hooray for gender equality!

In doing this, state Democrats overturned a decades-old equality breakthrough with useless promises that it would not affect women’s representation in the party.

They lied.

On Tuesday, Decaudin was elected a Female District Leader. District 37A is in Queens, a bastion of rainbow organizing and a Hispanic center. This might explain why he was able to beat Dierdre Feerick, an adult human female, by less than six points.

As M.K. Fain observes, women already start at a disadvantage in party elections. Like sports, this is a domain where fairness is impossible without sex-specific categories of competition.

That is what the gender lobby means when they talk about “cisprivilege:” Feerick has the privilege of giving Decaudin a head start in any head-to-head election.

Knowing politics, and the double standards of “gender,” I doubt Feerick will complain. But you have to feel awful for someone who has said everything right, spoken all the right words, done the work, and found out that it still is not enough because being female has been restored to its full power as a disadvantage.

Men just prefer men, and women who are men. Too bad! Maybe there will be a place for you in the ladies’ auxiliary.

Note that Democrats could have chosen to create a new, third category of candidate for their state party leadership elections, but this did not occur to anyone, or was just too complex for the Party to contemplate. Nor was there an equalities assessment first.

They just took this from women and expected them to be happy about it.

When I say “they,” I do include some women, and among them avowed feminists. No doubt many are happy about this.

It is nothing short of amazing to see sentient adult human females doing this to their own political representation. Which is not to say that is a surprising development; there were women in opposition to women’s suffrage, too.

At this rate, American women will be lucky to keep that much of their hard-won sex-based rights, 19th Amendment be damned.

As Fain observes, Decaudin is the exactly the trans activist Mama Terf warned you about.

Decaudin also has a history of making misogynistic and homophobic comments. The new “Female” District Leader has also publicly referred to women as “trash”argued that men can be lesbians, and has claimed to be a “trans lesbian” or “gay woman” himself.

Decaudin exemplifies how transgender activism works out in practice as a men’s rights movement. It is all about the penis, and where the penis gets to go, and how dare you question the motives of the penis, and you can just suck my penis if you don’t like it. The world is supposed to revolve around the needs of the penis, including the need to fully express itself in public and have access to female bodies for sex.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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