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Amazon Censors Ad for Book About Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

Lesbophobia still a-ok though

Internet retail giant is refusing to run an ad for a new book on the damage of pediatric transition because it supposedly contains objectionable content about “sexual orientation.”

Irreversible Damage: the Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, by Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier, will still be available through the website on June 30.

It just won’t be promoted by the publisher’s advertisement.

According to Fox News, which has seen the email that Amazon sent to conservative publisher Regnery, the website has invoked specious arguments to block the promotion.

“It contains elements that may not be appropriate for all audiences, which may include ad copy/book content that infers or claims to diagnose, treat, or question sexual orientation,” the email reads.

“Hence, this campaign will not be allowed to be advertised.”

The refusal comes right on top of explosive new reporting from BBC Newsnight which confirmed the worst fears of critics that gay and lesbian children are being pushed into transition by homophobic families and peers.

Yet Amazon allows this actual, real, not-imaginary conversion therapy to be promoted all over the site, along with breast binders and other materials aimed at the “trans child.”

Amazon also has no qualms about advertising books which encourage lesbians to “be open minded,” i.e. have sex with men — material that would have been considered lesbophobia, conversion therapy, and rape culture just five minutes ago.

Shrier’s book focuses on the phenomenon of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), a new phenomenon that has altered the face of transgenderism.

Whereas the typical transitioner a decade ago was a 41-year old male, today almost three quarters of those seeking transition in the United States and UK are teenage girls.

Critics say that transgenderism targets the understandable angst of young females at the most awkward period of their lives.

“These are girls who had never experienced any discomfort in their biological sex until they heard a coming-out story from a speaker at a school assembly or discovered the internet community of trans ‘influencers,’” Shrier says in the blurb.

“Unsuspecting parents are awakening to find their daughters in thrall to hip trans YouTube stars and ‘gender-affirming’ educators and therapists who push life-changing interventions on young girls—including medically unnecessary double mastectomies and puberty blockers that can cause permanent infertility.”

Exactly how this information “infers or claims to diagnose, treat, or question sexual orientation” is anybody’s guess.

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