These Democrats REALLY Want to Cheat Girls Out of Their Sports

Restoring inequality under the pastel rainbow flag

A Connecticut representative has led almost two dozen Democrats in defending that state’s transgender “inclusion” policy for high school sports.

Rep. Jahana Hayes is very upset that the US Department of Justice opposes letting high school boys cheat girls out of their own competitions.

Twenty two fellow Democrats, including Connecticut’s senators, have signed Hayes’s letter.

“Title IX was created so that all young women — no matter their sex assigned at birth — are protected from discrimination and have access to opportunity,” Rep. Hayes says in a press release riddled with bad ideas.

In fact, the language of Title IX is clearly aimed at mitigating the immutable and physiological athletic disadvantages of the female body by creating sex-based sporting divisions.

Nowhere in Title IX did Congress ever intend for “gender identity” to trump biology and thereby allow some male-bodied people a special permission to dominate women’s sports.

However, Connecticut has already allowed two high school boys with all the benefits of male puberty to cheat girls out of trophies, championships, and scholarship opportunities.

Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood were unaltered by surgery or hormones during competition. They still hold fifteen track and field titles together now that were previously held by ten different girls.

Three girls have filed a lawsuit against the state athletic association to enforce their rights under Title IX. The Department of Justice has weighed in on their side in the dispute.

While the Trump administration’s motives on any culture war issue can hardly be pure, the DoJ is not wrong about this, either.

Nevertheless, Rep. Hayes seems to think that Title IX exists to validate everyone’s unique and wonderful ‘gender identity,’ whatever that is.

Title IX “was not meant to target children who do not identify as cisgender or create a space in which transgender kids must choose between living truthfully or having access to opportunities,” Rep. Hayes says, making it sound like torture when gender nonconforming boys don’t get to cheat at sports.

Apparently, “living truthfully” means that when an effeminate boy says he is a girl, everyone must ignore the advantageous pelvic q-angle and elbow angle, larger heart and lungs, denser muscles and bones, superior oxygen efficiency, and greater mass of his body, as well as his mustache.

When he blows away every girl on the track, we are required to cheer, because he is so stunning and brave. Anything less would be “discrimination,” you see.

To Rep. Hayes, enforcing sex-based protections for women and girls sports under Title IX is just “a tool to threaten schools into discriminatory practices.”

Because not letting boys cheat at sports is discrimination now. See how that works?

Notably, Hayes points to this week’s Harris v EEOC ruling by the Supreme Court as evidence that the DoJ interpretation of Title IX — which, again, clearly sets out sex-based categories, not ‘gender-based’ categories — is incorrect.

That will be news to Justice Neil Gorsuch, who specifically wrote a narrow opinion to exclude such interpretations.

But it also points to exactly what makes gender critical observers so uneasy about the “gender identity” foot that Gorsuch has allowed through the door of sex-based rights.

“Through this determination, you solely punish women-identified students with physical attributes incongruent with stereotypical expectations for students assigned female at birth for the purposes of sports participation,” Rep. Hayes writes in a burst of gender lobby gobbledygook.

This sophistry is a fine example of gaslighting DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender) tactics commonly seen in abuse dynamics. It solely punishes female competitors.

There are always boys and men who want to abuse girls and women in various ways, and women and girls enabling them. This is not new; it is patriarchy. Describing this system and its dynamics has always been a primary task of feminism.

Equal sports for women and girls is new, however. As a project, it is hardly complete.

Scholarship parity in the NCAA is much better now, yet female professional athletes are still paid less for the same sports, even when they win far more consistently, as in women’s soccer.

Yet there are Democrats openly embracing an ideology which demands the overthrow of this system, effectively restoring the previous inequality to satisfy an incredibly active lobby in their party.

Transgender policy advocates knew this human rights conflict was going to happen. They lobbied sports organizations at every level to choose their side in the conflict without any public debate. They are doing the same with Democrats.

Because “this is not a debate,” natch.

Advocates of sex-based sporting competition for women and girls cannot allow their organizations to be gaslit. They must force the debate at every level.

Allies with Democratic representatives in Congress — especially representatives who sign spurious letters like this one — need to speak up and let them hear your displeasure.

Use clear language. However a boy identifies, his body is still a boy’s. Once puberty begins, it is patently unfair to make girls compete with that boy no matter how much he feels like a girl inside.

Every single athletic training textbook in America will make a handy reference to confront your legislator with the material reality of sports.

Defenders of Title IX must organize on this basis immediately and be prepared for war in 2021.

The feet of every Democrat pushing gender identity on female sports must be held to the proverbial fire.

We have photos and videos of male-bodied transgender athletes destroying their female competition. Use them. Demand these politicians explain why this is fair. Ask how this can ever possibly be a fair competition.

Don’t accept mumble-mouthed answers about gender identities. Demand they address the issues of fairness and competition, two words that are notably absent from Rep. Hayes’s letter, as they always are in every defense of this travesty.

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