BBC Newsnight: Gay, Lesbian Kids Pushed Into Transition

Just like JK Rowling said

Armed with documents from the GIDS (Gender Identity Service) Tavistock clinic in the UK, BBC Newsnight has revealed that gay and lesbian children are being pushed into chemical castration and surgical mutilation by homophobic families and peers.

“Homophobia in families is mentioned in all of the transcripts Newsnight has seen,” they say in a segment aired this evening.

“Staff say that while there was some discussion in the service about this, they didn’t feel that the issue was properly addressed.”

The Tavistock clinic has seen an especially high staff turnover rate as employees shared their concerns and were consistently silenced.

According to documents seen by Newsnight, staff were actively discouraged from contacting authorities when they felt children faced abusive situations.

More than 40 clinicians have left the Tavistock facility during the last four years. Several shared their concerns with the press last year.

Marcus Evans, an NHS governor for Tavistock, resigned in February 2019 over his concerns that a cover-up was taking place, though he did not use those words.

Now the critics are being echoed by the BBC, which has explosive evidence that their worries were entirely too warranted.

“We did have a lot of families and parents who did tell us ‘Oh, I’m so glad my child at least is not a gay or lesbian,’” one former staffer writes.

When they shared these concerns with administration, they were dismissed, former clinicians say.

Newsnight reports that one child had identified as a lesbian only to receive pressure from family and classmates to change genders.

Her way would be easier if she conformed to the expectations of a boy rather than a gender nonconforming girl.

“Suddenly the young person stopped identifying as lesbian and started identifying as trans,” the report says.

For everyone who has accused gender ideology of targeting young homosexual people with conversion, this is a horrifying vindication.

Tavistock director Polly Carmichael was not only aware of these issues, but consistently moved to dismiss or overrule them wherever she could.

When directly questioned, Carmichael refused to affirm that the Tavistock clinic was obeying the Hippocratic oath: first, do no harm.

“I kept saying to her ‘are we hurting children?’ and she could not say no,” one clinician writes.

The Newsnight report comes a week after world-renowned fantasy fiction author JK Rowling wrote of her concerns that gay and lesbian children are being pushed into transition.

Rowling’s critics made much of this point to accuse the author of transphobia. Just a few days later, she is the one who paid attention — and the detractors are left sputtering in denial.

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[…] found that Tavistock clinicians have been aware of homophobic parents “transing” their gay and lesbian children for some time.  Worse, ideologues on the clinic staff have allegedly covered it […]

Abigail Wyatt

Thank you for speaking out in the media about a matter which has been causing some of us women great concern for a very long time. Our children and young people need our protection.

[…] of converting gay and lesbian children into “trans kids.” BBC Newsnight has reported on internal documents which show that Tavistock ignored concerns about homophobic families were coaching their children […]

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