They Tried to Burn JK Rowling as a Witch and Got a Woman on Fire Instead

A monster that pronoun police created

In a flurry of tweets late Saturday evening, world famous fantasy author JK Rowling broke the internet by saying that biological sex is real and meaningful.

Twitter’s trending headline was exactly correct: the calls of “TERF!” and “transphobe!” did not begin with anything Rowling said about trans people.

No, Rowling’s great sin was to push back against the erasure of the word “women” and its replacement with “people who menstruate.”

This. This is the tweet that started the fuss. Rowling reacted to a story about period relief projects, a feminist issue that only impacts women. This is the tweet.

Responding to the criticism of her tweet without saying anything that could possibly be considered “phobic,” Rowling still said the unspeakable truth about sex: that it exists, that is shapes lives, that it is meaningful.

You know, stuff that was considered progressive until like, five minutes ago.

Within moments of those tweets, an A-list of horrified gender gendarmes and clueless but well-meaning liberals had expressed their shocked disapproval.

Speaking of same-sex attraction?! During PRIDE MONTH? How dare she!

I am not exaggerating. That was literally the most common criticism I saw in the peanut gallery that is Twitter, and a good marker of just how far the rot has gone.

Rowling seemed unfazed. Nor was the Queen putting up with nonsensical concern-trolling from fellow celebs on Twitter.

For example, when an NBC reporter tried to shame Rowling and told her to educate herself, she was not having any of it.

If you have ever been at all critical of transgenderism, you have probably experienced this patronizing assumption that you just don’t know enough about trans people, or don’t know enough trans people.

This inverts the truth. Learning the facts about transgenderism and hearing/reading what trans people actually say/write about themselves is the most common way that people reach peak trans in the first place.

Most “TERFs” did not know what the acronym meant the first time it was used on them, or why their rational opinion was suddenly considered hate speech.

So of course gender critical Twitter was celebrating to see Rowling’s tweets. It is unusual for someone of her stature to stand up to the rainbow bullies and brush their sparkles aside with such fearlessness.

Oppression begins with language.

When the meaning of the word “woman” includes men, and the women become “menstruators,” then women lose the power to speak clearly about their lived experience of oppression.

Imagine the Black Lives Matter movement being told to stop using the word “black” and start referring to themselves as “melanins,” and you have some idea what has happened to feminism lately.

Rowling is not that kind of feminist. She won’t play that game and she won’t play by those rules.

As always, there are renewed calls to “cancel” JK Rowling, but she terrifies the purveyors of gender woo precisely because she is cancellation-proof.

They may call her a witch, but if so, then Rowling is a witch who refuses to burn.

But if they insist — if they push her very, very hard — she might just catch fire, and then burn their whole world right down.

Call me a dreamer, but I am feeling confident today.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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