Kids Lit Author Bullied into Retirement for Gender Heresies

‘Body acceptance’ is transphobic now

Rachel Rooney, a special needs teacher, poet, and author of children’s literature, has announced her retirement from her industry due to “sustained bullying.”

In tweets posted yesterday, Rooney said that her outspokenness on “gender issues” has led to professional harassment.

“I am withdrawing from public life as an author for the sake of my mental health,’ Rooney said.

But that does not mean Rooney is giving up the fight. She has two more books coming out and plans to promote them.

“To clarify…as an autistic woman & special needs teacher I will continue to speak out for autistic youth caught up in this shitshow, but I will not longer be doing so as an author,” she added.

Rooney’s decision comes at a breakthrough moment for the issue of autism spectrum disorders and trans identification.

Alarming statistics from the Tavistock gender identity clinic in the UK show that almost half of children seeking gender transition are on the autism spectrum.

Just this week, a world-renowned Australian autism specialist raised concerns that almost half of the children presenting at that country’s gender clinic are also autistic.

Nor are these alarming numbers a coincidence. Gender clinicians and activists have consciously targeted autistic children for recruitment, even presenting transition as an actual cure for autism in the process.

As seen in a new report by Transgender Trend, gender lobby organizations such as Stonewall UK have advised schools to regard the symptoms of ASDs as signs of emergent “gender identities” instead.

Rooney wanted to protect children from a harmful ideology which teaches students that they can be “born in the wrong body” if they enjoy the “wrong” toys or clothes or games.

Se she released a book last year in association with Transgender Trend. The project was aimed at countering a recent wave of children’s books peddling the narrative that someone can be “born in the wrong body.”

Titled My Body is Me and illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg, the “upbeat, rhyming picture book, aimed for 3-6 year olds” drew vicious condemnation for encouraging children towards a positive self-image and body acceptance.

One fellow children’s author denounced Rooney’s book as “anti-trans extremism.” Breathless gender activists compared the book to “terrorist propaganda,” saying it was “produced by TERFs to try and stop kids questioning gender.”

After all, what can a line like “You’re born in your body, you don’t have a spare, so love it, hug it, treat it with care” possibly mean, if not kill all the trans people in TERF code?

Rooney’s cancellation may prove temporary.

“No one is going to silence me. If it’s a choice between speaking my truth and my career I chose speaking the truth,” Rooney explained in reply to a question on Twitter.

Many critics of the new gender totalitarianism have noted a sense that the tide is turning in the UK, and the west more generally, as the excesses of the gender revolutionaries are revealed. Every time a “gender identity” policy capture comes under public scrutiny these days, it gets reversed.

To say that Rachel Rooney is on “the wrong side of history” is to assert foreknowledge of how history will turn out.

That is always a dangerous proposition, but even more so with poets.

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