David Smith’s Prosecutor Will Not Mention ‘Gender Neutral’ Restrooms

But they will still be on trial

David Smith, who resigned from his position on the Middlesbrough Council in West Yorkshire, UK last year after being charged with seven sexual offenses of touching a child, will not be going on trial this week due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a brief mention at the Teesside Crown Court yesterday, Smith’s trial was delayed until April 12 of next year.

Smith’s only notable achievement as a representative for Colby Newham came just two months into his only term when he convinced his town’s mayor to make all of the council building toilets gender neutral.

Public debate was thus minimized (because “this is not a debate,” natch). To be sure, there were those who worried that such a policy would promote bad behavior, but nobody listened to them or solicited their opinions.

No one ever does.

Single sex facilities are vital to women’s freedom to inhabit public spaces, which is why human rights organizations support efforts to expand them in the Third world and refer to them as a “human right.”

Strangely, the same organizations often cheer for gender-neutral facilities in the enlightened West.

“Advanced societies” are hardly immune from male violence, though.

An investigation by The Sunday Times found that 90 percent of all reported sexual assaults in British changing rooms and locker rooms took place in gender neutral facilities.

Unisex facilities deter many girls from showing up for school when they are on their periods and risk bladder infections rather than have a boy in the next stall.

The widespread availability of smart phones and surveillance devices also enable predatory men to victimize any number of women and girls just by accessing their spaces and recording video.

But Smith waved away those concerns at the time. “This is about creating a much more safer [sic] environment for transgender and non binary people,” he insisted.

“I understand, clearly, there will be some concerns from some councillors and members of the public, but the risk does not increase once public toilets become gender neutral,” Smith lied.

“In fact, if anyone has any intention in committing a crime at present, they will do so.”

And so he did.

Smith, a man, did not commit his alleged acts a decade ago in a gender neutral restroom, true.

However, making all public restrooms gender-neutral defeats the entire purpose of having single-sex facilities for women and girls in the first place, which is to keep men out of them.

Again, that’s men.

Men like David Smith.

Contrary to the revisionist histories of queer activists in the US and UK, single-sex facilities are advances that feminists won only with great effort; they made public life possible for women and girls.

Anyone, but especially any man, who demands to put adult, male-bodied people in the same space as women and girls in vulnerable states of undress deserves our skepticism at the least, and probably more than a little skepticism.

In fact, assume the worst until proven otherwise.

David Smith is hardly the only example of a man with a history of sex crimes campaigning for “transgender inclusion” in restrooms.

Again, to be perfectly clear: the problem is men, not “men in dresses” or any other formulation designed to invoke the dreaded transphobia.

Just men.

You know.

People with male bodies.

Whatever they wear.

Muttering excuses that his decision was unrelated to the charges against Smith, the mayor of Middlesbrough sensibly put the new policy on hold after the arrest.

No new policy about gender neutral toilets has emerged in Middlesbrough since then.

In the by election after Smith resigned, trans woman Eliie Lowther (a man) ran to replace Smith on a platform of surveillance.

Lowther, who had endorsed the petition for gender-neutral toilets, got just ninety votes.

This is a story of how otherwise-sensible people were trying to be “inclusive” and progressive when in fact they were advancing the interests of predatory men against public opinion — an example of “forced teaming” in action.

Coined by Gavin De Becker in The Gift of Fear, forced teaming is how abusers groom entire clubs, churches, and communities, not just their individual victims, in order to create and maintain a culture of silence.

As Dr. Em explains at Uncommon Ground, “The predator will create the idea that there is a shared goal, or an attitude of we are all in this together, we are allies, in order to disarm, gain trust and manipulate his target.”

The social contract that most people have been educated or raised in – that we should try not to offend others, be polite, be accommodating – makes forced teaming incredibly difficult to resist. In general, we don’t want to be rude and say ‘actually, your problems or goals are different to mine and so no, we should not work together’ or ‘no, I don’t feel comfortable with this’. The shared goal can be, on an individual level, as small as a man helping carry shopping to a woman’s apartment in order to gain access and rape her. Forced teaming confuses our intuition and disarms us to threat. …It builds trust when none should be there.

Forced teaming is how queer theory took over LGB activism and switched out “gender identity” for sex-based rights.

Forced teaming is how feminism and reproductive rights panels at progressive conferences got filled up with rainbow jargon and validation exercises while the word “woman” disappeared or changed in meaning.

Forced teaming perfectly describes the use of “TERF” as an epithet to control and silence anyone who questions the new gender orthodoxy in, say, a liberal Facebook group.

Smith, a Tory who once apologized for calling people on public benefits “rotten pond life families that should be sterilised and washed,” is living proof that gender woo does not have a political party; rather, it seeks to use forced teaming in all parties.

David Smith’s prosecution will almost certainly not mention his fascination with normalizing adult men in confined spaces alongside vulnerable women and girls.

They will probably not mention forced teaming, either, but his indictment still ought to be a warning to us all about men like David Smith.

Be suspicious.

Be suspicious of men.

Be suspicious of all men, including the men who say they are women, and especially the men who want to dismantle what few social boundaries women and girls have managed to build for themselves.

The message is not separate from the messenger.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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This articulates an issue that I have noticed for some years re trans. The pressure of “forced teaming” in a social network using social media creates a “glamour” or spell of “instant acceptance”. Once some confused kid announces that he is now she, the forced teaming mechanism shifts into high gear. No one dares voice a skeptical notion, because “I’d rather be the parent of a live girl than a dead boy” – basically moral blackmail. As more and more pile on, the pressure grows for all members of the circle to check it. It’s almost always the women. Men know instinctively that there is a swindle occurring.

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