JK Rowling Does Not Have Time for Your Bullshit

Do not lie about her

Author JK Rowling keeps driving the gender gendarmerie to distraction.

Refusing to recant her heresy that biological sex is real and meaningful, Rowling doubled down by liking a tweet about Alex Drummond’s beard, shocking the inclusivity enforcement squad anew.

And then, she had the effrontery, the sheer gall and impertinence to publish a new story for free and invite children to participate in a collaborative art contest.

The sight of Rowling tweeting their artwork and praising it for days on end was perhaps too much for Nicole Spurling, as the Canadian Green Party spokesthing decided to tag the author in a tweet.

“Definitely something to keep a close eye on. In recent years, Rowling has made it clear that she can no longer be trusted around children,” Spurling wrote of an article about the earlier controversy.

Instead of ignoring this smear, Rowling fired back.

Spurling embraced the dispute at first. “If you feel that the transphobia you’ve put into the world is not dangerous to children you are more than welcome to have your lawyer send me a cease & desist letter,” Spurling tweeted. “I’m sure the media would love to write articles about how you attack trans folks and then try to silence them.”

Of course, JK Rowling has never attacked a trans person, much less attempted to silence one. It is libel or slander to say that she has.

Of course, no such evidence exists, which would complicate any legal defense if lawyers did get involved.

A lawyer appears to have explained the legal exposure to Spurling and the Greens, because a little while later, the offending tweet was deleted. In its place was this sorry-not-sorry non-apology:

To be perfectly clear, “transphobia” here means saying out loud that biological sex is real. Any recognition of sex differences is invalidating to someone’s identity, somewhere, at some time, supposedly causing actual deaths.

I am not projecting this. Spurling clearly believes that the mere mention of human sexual dimorphism actually causes the literal death and murder of transgender people.

That is what Spurling calls “the transphobia you’ve put into the world:” Rowling’s support of a woman who lost her job for saying that sex is real on Twitter might accidentally cause the poor “trans kids” to murder themselves, or be murdered.

Of course, Spurling is not protecting children here. Anyone who actually cared about kids would be extremely concerned by the high rates of detransition, surgical complications, side effects, and post-transition suicide in pediatric cases.

Spurling should worry about gay and lesbian teens with internalized homophobia being pushed to transition instead of “being accepted for who they are.”

Spurling would be concerned by high rates of autism spectrum disorders in “trans kids” if the well-being of children meant a damn thing to her.

What Spurling wants to protect here is the gender identity project — the total queering of all boundaries, personal or social, annihilating distinctions to create bespoke realities.

That project can only endure in a world where speaking gender thoughtcrimes is punishable by immediate and total cancellation.

But JK Rowling refuses to burn at the stake like a good witch. She laughs off weak calls for censorship. She also has lawyers on retainer to deal with ostensibly-credible public figures who accuse her of being a danger to children.

This is exactly why the gender constabulary hates her so much: Rowling is beyond cancellation, with no shortage of means to defend her reputation.

Normally, prominent thoughtpolice like Spurling are able to get away with these calumnies because their victims are not wealthy enough to send a cease & desist, much less hold someone in another country accountable for libel or slander.

That’s why it is so exciting and amazing to see Rowling stand up to these bullies and stare them down.

Gnashing her teeth, Spurling pinned a subtweet to the top of her profile.

Rowling, on the other hand, went back to tweeting about the kids’ amazing artwork, which you should go see. Her new story, The Ickabog, is also available online.

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