Party Like it’s 1927: Sterilizing Autistic Kids is Progressive Again, Hooray!

Think regular eugenics, but woke

In the United Kingdom, neurodivergent and learning-challenged children fall under the public policy acronym SEND, for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Autism is just one example of such a condition.

Western societies have generally tried to keep such people safe from harm since the Nazi Holocaust discredited eugenics. It is hard to remember the shame of Buck v. Bell almost a century later, but there was a time in America when very well-meaning and highly educated people supported the idea of sterilizing “feeble-minded,” “defective,” or “promiscuous” people — meaning SEND children — for their own good.

Surely those days could never make a comeback, surely?

Of course not. This is the 21st Century.

We don’t remove a person’s genitals for being different that way.

Not anymore.

Do we?

Note that many of the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders resemble gender dysphoria. Indeed, we have decades of data and research results suggesting a strong correlation of the two conditions.

Worse, sexism makes us less likely to notice autism spectrum issues in girls, so they are particularly vulnerable to a social movement that explains such symptoms as a “gender identity.”

Nor is all this lost on the the most ardent clinicians calling for the embrace of full pediatric transition. Rather than warn against confusing the signs of one for the other, they have framed the relationship as an actual cure for autism, which is monstrous.

This hucksterism has a history: a decade ago, quacks were selling the puberty blocker Lupron to desperate parents with virtually the same pitch, minus the gender woo.

Now, gender salesmen would have us believe that a permanent medical pathway of chemical castration and surgical removal of healthy body tissues — sterilization, basically — is the only thing that can possibly save the poor autistic kids. In fact, scratch that word out, because these are really trans kids.

Save the trans kids!

Save them from themselves.

By sterilizing them.

This is not some accidental by-product of gender totalitarianism, but a deliberate strategy.

As Transgender Trend notes in a new report, SEND students have been the subject of special attention from gender lobby group Stonewall UK.

In guidance they issued to schools across the kingdom since 2015, Stonewall has encouraged teachers to interpret the signs of autism and other developmental issues as gender identity butterflies trying to emerge from chrysalises.

Of course, it is all just a bunch of sexist stereotypes and pseudo-psychology. But it is having an effect on SEND kids, particularly gender nonconforming ones, and particularly girls.

…if an autistic girl likes to have short hair and wear trousers, teachers must consider that she might really be a boy. We have to ask why teachers are being encouraged to stereotype children when they have a duty to eliminate such harmful gender stereotypes in schools. It is a bully who tells a girl she’s not a ‘real girl’ because of her failure to obey society’s rules of femininity; a teacher should not be doing the same. Anyone who knows autistic girls will know that they are the most vulnerable to this message and the most susceptible to believing it.

The whole thing is worth reading, but this bit is stunning:

35% of children referred to the Tavistock GIDS have moderate to severe ASD traits and a further 13% describe mild ASD traits, taking the total to a staggering 48%.  What is needed is an urgent enquiry into what might be happening with this particular, already marginalised, cohort of children and young people. With no research, no evidence and no understanding of what’s going on with this group, Stonewall advises that what autistic young people in schools really need is even greater encouragement to understand themselves according to the “Gender Unicorn”.

I double-checked, and Transgender Trend is not making up that statistic.

In peer-reviewed research that runs contrary to the “affirmation only” model of Stonewall, we learn that autism really does figure large in the new gender craze, and in the unexpected surge of young female transitioners in the UK over the last decade.

Between April 2011 and August 2018, 48% of children and young people who were seen in GIDS and whose parents completed the social responsiveness scale (SRS), a quantitative measure of autistic behaviours in children and young people, scored in the mild to severe range.

Ever since I turned gender critical and began to suffer the ostracism of former liberal and “progressive” friends, they have said that I am on the wrong side of history. They were trying to cajole me into hushing up about my wrongthink.

But I don’t think that I am the one on the wrong side of this issue, and I do not think that history will necessarily work out as they expect.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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