Teen Vogue Gaslights the Annihilation of Title IX Sports for Women and Girls

Male entitlement that looks pretty

Teen Vogue, the magazine which tells your teenage daughter how to have pornographic anal sex, with maybe some choking, on their way to a career in “sex work,” also wants her to know that a man can play their sports if he wants to.

It’s okay! All he has to do is say the magic words “I feel like I am a girl inside” that instantly transform male bodies into female bodies.

Lindsay Hecox, one of the plaintiffs in the ACLU’s weird new quest to annihilate Title IX sex-based sporting categories, has written an op-ed about their lawsuit against Idaho’s new law protecting fair athletic competition for women and girls.

The article includes a nice selfie of Hecox wearing makeup and curls. It is a picture worth a thousand words, all of which amount to: See?! I’m a girl! A real girly-girl! Can’t you tell from all the stereotypes I perform?!

How can we possibly look into those eyes and say this person is not really really just one of the girls? That’s so mean!

So what if Hecox wants to compete at tests of physical strength and speed against women.

Never mind that Hecox has an adult male body with all the advantages accrued by male puberty to the age of 18.

Only a monster would say no to such a pretty face!

This is all gaslighting. Hecox complains that the new Idaho law, which reinforces the existing language and spirit of federal law, will require “invasive sex verification exams.”

Hecox is referring to a cheek swab.

The human Y chromosome is easy to detect, does not go away with transition, and remains the single greatest athletic advantage a human being can have.

Hecox knows this.

The ACLU knows this.

Teen Vogue has to know this.

Various mainstream outlets which have run unedited ACLU press releases about this case as original content all know that the argument is nonsense, but they say nothing.

We are supposed to regard these demands as fair, as a human right, because Hecox’s current testosterone levels are only a few times higher than the average female, rather than scores of times higher.

An honest appraisal of Hecox versus “her” competitors would require watching “her” run against actual girls with the longer limbs and denser muscles that Hecox developed by the age of 15.

We would need an X-ray to see the advantageous angles of Hecox’s pelvis and elbow joints, a feature that was permanent before the end of Hecox’s middle school education.

Hecox also has a larger airway, lungs, heart, and higher oxygen efficiency. To see them would require procedures that are actually invasive.

These are all benefits of the testosterone that coursed through Lindsay Hecox’s body in the critical years of adolescence.

They are immutable, material, and biological advantages, but they are hard things to see, and for some reason Hecox and the ACLU don’t want us to see those things at all.

They only want us to look at “her” pretty face and hair as if that was enough to qualify a man’s body as female.

Performative sexist stereotypes are not enough to make coed competition fair to women and girls. They never can be.

“But trans women are women,” Hecox says, throwing down the usual trump card. A polite fiction is now a fundamentalist literalism, so why is this even up for debate?

After all, any debate just hurts “marginalized” people like Hecox.

“There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding about trans people and trans athletes, particularly the misconception that we are men and somehow taking spots away from women,” says Hecox, a man who wants to take sports from women through misdirection and misinformation.

Trans-identified men “have been competing in high school, college, and elite competition consistent with our gender identity for years and there is no evidence of dominance by transgender athletes at any level of sport,” Hecox lies.

It is a lie. Not a white lie, or mere spin, but a bald-faced, flat-out lie.

Just last year, CeCe Telfer became the NCAA Division II national champion in track and field as woman, having never ranked higher than 290th in the country as a man.

At the Big Sky Conference Championships in Idaho, transgender athlete June Eastwood went full Secretariat on the rest of the field.

In Connecticut, two boys currently dominate high school track and field as “girls.” Three female athletes have filed a federal lawsuit to defend their Title IX rights to sex-based competitions.

These are very recent examples of “dominance by transgender athletes,” meaning mediocre males who say they feel female inside, and it takes no imagination to see exactly how unfair this is for women and girls.

At the World Athletic Championships in Doha last year, all but three of the 45 men who scored a time in the 100 meter dash were faster than the fastest woman who has ever lived. If we could hold the Olympics in 2020, any one of those men could show up with a year of testosterone suppression and break the “female” world record, no asterisk allowed.

Hecox and the ACLU would have you believe these athletes would have no unfair physiological advantages over their competitors because their personalities are “female.”

That is their actual argument: that because a man performs femininity, they become literally and materially female — and therefore, should not be excluded from female athletic competitions.

Hecox wants “to challenge myself, to improve my fitness, to engage socially, and to be a part of a team. Under Idaho’s new law, I can no longer do that.”

This, too, is a lie. Hecox could run against other male-bodied people if Hecox wanted, but Hecox doesn’t want to run in the league to which Hecox objectively belongs because it would feel invalidating.

Again, that is the actual argument Hecox and the ACLU are making in a federal court. One that shows every sign of agreeing with them.

Women’s sports is no longer about fair competition anymore. From now on, women’s sports is all about making men feel better about themselves. Get used to it, girls!

Because unless we give them everything they want, mass murder will inevitably follow.

“By crushing my goal of competing on my college running team, it sends a message that as a transgender person I’m not worthy of fully participating in public life and social engagement,” Hecox laments in a nationally-published opinion article.

Get that? It’s a slippery slope from being fair to women and girls, to the genocide of gender-nonconforming men. Don’t be a killer!

Hecox and the ACLU and OutSports and Pink News all understand exactly what they are doing when they propagate this kind of gender woo. So does Teen Vogue. They have no excuse for capitulating to a men’s rights movement in drag.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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[…] According to the ACLU, and apparently Judge Nye, the state of Idaho is simply supposed to take them at their word and allow them to compete against female athletes with all the benefits of a Y chromosome and male puberty — the single biggest athletic advantage a human body can have. […]

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