Pink News Exploits a Troubled Woman to Promote Goofy Conspiracy Theories

A new low for Penis News

Pink News has found their new champion, and she is clearly unwell.

If you have been around gender critical circles in the last few years, you may already be familiar with Amy Dyess and her reputation. Writer Vic Parsons either did not Google Dyess, and therefore does not know she has issues, or does not care whether Pink News prints false or defamatory material.

Both explanations speak to the everyday level of journalistic integrity at the website derisively known as ‘Penis News.’

Set aside the entire argument between gender ideology and its critics for a moment. Answer this question. What would happen to a serious journalist, working at a serious outlet, who put the words “international network of powerful lesbians” in an article and seriously described them as a “cult,” but who based that statement on a single, unreliable source with a grudge and a long track record of insane statements?

If that journalist offered zero proof of this supposed cabal existing, what would the editors and publishers do with their story?


None of the usual rules about truth or fairness or accuracy apply here, however, because Pink News is on a righteous crusade to gaslight lesbians everywhere.

You see, lesbians don’t really feel pressured to accept penises in their spaces and faces these days. The “cotton ceiling” is just a lie that evil TERFs made up. Dyes calls it “emotional manipulation. They’re trying to pit gay and bi people against trans people.”

Never mind that this form of rapey compulsive heterosexuality comes straight from the mouths of self-described “trans activists” all the time. What matters to Pink News is that Dyess confirms their preferred narrative: lesbians themselves are the terrible, violent, rapey people — except for the ones with penises, of course, because men who call themselves lesbians are always perfectly innocent angels.

Defending the right to your sexual orientation now makes you a “homophobe,” whereas bald-faced lesbophobia is woke and progressive. See how that works?

You don’t have to be a gender critic to see how strained and ridiculous these claims are, but it helps.

Dyess says that evil gender critics “defended abusive women” and “wouldn’t let lesbians speak out about sexual assault perpetrated by women.”

This sounds like a dozen disputes I have seen before. Whereas men commit something like 96 percent of all the rape and abuse, whenever someone says this true thing out loud, someone else always accuses them of protecting or covering up the 4 percent of abusers and rapists who are women.

This is what happens when people who largely agree with each other start to argue online, and Dyess is the sort of person who always argues online with people who mostly agree with her.

Of all the falsehoods propagated by the gender cult, this one is easily the oldest and most shopworn. As always, Amy Dyess cannot offer a single specific example of this supposed conspiracy of left and right. It is true that some very gracious conservatives have given a platform to radical feminists who had been de-platformed by the left, however this is not a conspiracy.

It is free speech, something that used to be meaningful to liberalism until the pronoun police took over. Just like standards, evidence, and professionalism, all of which have been sacrificed for the sake of ideological purity.

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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