Gender Bullets 13 May 2020

A weekly digest of gender critical news & views

Each Wednesday, this newsletter presents a roundup of the best gender critical news and content we have found in the last week, including action items such as petitions and opportunities for public comment on pending legislation.

  • Aimee Stephens, the Michigan man behind a pending Supreme Court decision on gender identity and employment law, has died. The case will continue in his name
  • The backlash is growing in the UK: Shropshire County Council is the latest jurisdiction to dump a controversial “trans toolkit” which recommends that girls who are uncomfortable sharing their intimate spaces with penises should be lectured about their transphobia. A similar lobby-generated toolkit is now the subject of a High Court case and you can contribute to that effort here
  • Dr. Emma Hilton has reviewed all the available studies of testosterone suppression in adult males and concludes that it does not reduce the athletic performance advantages conferred by the Y chromosome during puberty. Oh! That reminds me…
  • Save Women’s Sports has a petition calling on the International Olympic Committee to suspend their 2015 transgender guidelines for the Tokyo games. Current IOC rules allow men to dominate women’s events after suppressing testosterone for a single year, a measure which (per above point) does not adequately address the physiological imbalance of “transgender inclusion” in women’s athletics. Read and sign here
  • Stonewall UK is changing COOs, but are they changing their attitude to child safeguarding issues?

  • A queer studies professor worries that nasty, evil families will eavesdrop on Zoom lectures and hurt students. Lily Maynard dissects the concern trolling and gets to the real issue behind the professor’s anxiety: “anyone with even a few brain cells left insitu can see ‘queer theory’ for what it is” and debunk its solipsistic pretensions in a single conversation
  • Aleksa Lundberg, a Swedish man who used to campaign against laws requiring “gender affirmation” surgery in order to change sex on birth certificates, seems to be talking about transition regret now: “I have a background as gay and might have lived as gay today”
  • Dr. Em continues her series on the roots of “gender reassignment” and “gender identity disorder” in sexist pseudoscience and misogyny. In Part II, we learn “the male proposers of gender identity were working directly against the women’s liberation movement, and recognised this fact”
  • Vexatious pseudo-litigant and serial sex pest Jessica “wax my ladyballs” Yaniv was recently sighted grooming underage girls again, so he filed a claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to take down an alert blogger’s screenshot from Twitter. Real trouble, or just trolling? With such a histrionic, tightly-wound personality, it’s impossible to tell
  • A reminder to support Vancouver Rape Relief, a charity that gives women a safe place to stay and heal after trauma, in response to local transgender activist and fringe politician Morgane Oger’s successful efforts to defund the organization because they exclude men from their volunteer work. Oger denounces VRR’s policy as a slippery slope to genocide(!). Click here to support their important work

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Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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