Gender Bullets 06 MAY 2020

  • The new Lysenkoism: an online mob has managed to get a peer reviewed paper re-reviewed twice, and then finally pulled, for gender heresies. Dr. Stephen Gliske of the University of Michigan is the latest academic to fall afoul of the new orthodoxy. His crime? Suggesting there might be more than one possible treatment for gender dysphoria
  • Another victory in the UK: the Crown Prosecution Service has withdrawn a policy guide that reinforces homophobia and sexism, tells girls in school to swallow their discomfort and welcome penises into their spaces, and encourages children to tell on anyone who exhibits any doubts. An Orwellian child safeguarding nightmare and perfect example of the gender lobby’s creeping mode of policy capture, the guidance was withdrawn after a legal challenge by a 14 year-old girl
  • Lydia Lambfruit has the best take of all on the recent GC Twitter drama over liberal feminist Jameela Jamil and her interest in books by gender critical women
  • Save Women’s Sports is petitioning the International Olympic Committee to pull their transgender eligibility guidelines for the Tokyo games. You can sign here
  • This video covers 73 examples of men committing male pattern crimes but identified as female in media reports and public documents

  • Did you know that gender reassignment is a product of sexist Freudian pseudoscience? Dr. Em has written up a fascinating history. Elsewhere at Uncommon Ground Media, Jennifer Bilek asks whether “the good trans woman” exists, or are they all misogynists?
  • LGB Alliance has their own donation page now. Denouncing the new organization as a “hate group,” a member of parliament had persuaded PayPal and GoFundMe to freeze their accounts
  • Journalist Jesse Singal, who has covered the pediatric transition beat for years, takes a nuanced view arguing against the hard age caps being proposed in some Republican legislation
  • This is your weekly reminder to support Vancouver Rape Relief, a charity that gives women a safe place to stay and heal after trauma, in response to local homophobic transgender politician Morgane Oger’s smear campaign and successful efforts to defund the organization because they exclude men from their volunteer work. Click here to support that work

About the author

Former progressive activist declared heretic by his former movement for refusing to believe that "woman" is a costume or a feeling and recognizing male pattern behavior as male even when it wears lipstick and high heels. Just because you hate something I say does not make it hate speech.
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