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Resist the erosion of sex-based rights. Resist men in women’s sports, women’s prisons, women’s shelters, women’s spaces. Resist pseudoscience. Resist language policing. Resist gay and lesbian conversion. Resist the medicalization of nonconformity. Resist policy capture. Resist the queer studies department. Resist mandatory pronouns. Resist groupthink and cancellation.

Resist the new totalitarianism while you still can.

The Gender Heretics newsletter is still free. Updates are more or less daily with a weekly digest of the best gender critical content and news about all manner of gender heretics and gender heresies and how to support them. From time to time, we may include offers, and we often point to fundraisers, but we never share or sell our list.

It began as a polite fiction, and then a legal fiction, but it became a fundamentalist literalism of the left: trans women are women, and trans men are men. This new orthodoxy has devoured liberalism and progressive politics from the inside, positioning itself as the newest and greatest ally of the sexual freedom movement while undermining the legal foundations of sex-based human rights.

Indeed, biological sex is routinely dismissed in this new gender religion; statements describing the biological reality of human sexual dimorphism are routinely attacked and dismissed as “hate speech.” Blithering sexist gobbledygook is promoted instead. Ideas that cannot withstand the slightest philosophical query are held immune from all question. “This is not up for debate” they say, and that’s because any informed debater could demolish the gendered pretensions of postmodern queer theory with ease. It is far easier to simply block contrary views or expunge people from a friends list than to risk exposing the hollow shell of the argument they can muster.

The Gender Heretics newsletter is a source of news and opinion from gender critical perspectives, especially those which have been systematically silenced on the left and in major media: radical feminists, detransitioners, female athletes, gender critical autogynephiles and transgender people, intersex people, LGB campaigners, and more. Many have been exiled to career Siberia for these thoughtcrimes; many more fear the same result if they speak their wrongthink aloud. Because such views have been so effectively purged from “liberal” media, especially liberal websites, reporting on this will sometimes mean linking to a conservative, or even right wing, news source—the horror!

Liberal and progressive gender critical views are acceptable here. Civil conservative views are welcome here. Biology is not bigotry. Some truths hurt, and opinions are not hate speech just because somebody hates them.

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The secret weakness of gender identity ideology is that it cannot withstand a few moments of adult scrutiny in its sources, methods, research, or empirical outcomes, to say nothing of its corrosive effect on sex-based human rights, rights of consent, and child safeguarding. This is why the gender lobby skips the hard work of public debate (because “this is not a debate,” natch) and prefers policy capture by other means.

Stay Safe.

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